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Korea Ginseng's fermented red ginseng boosts immunity

By Park Se-ra

Published : June 3, 2024 - 13:38

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Korea Ginseng's Korean Red Ginseng Capsule and Korean Red Ginseng Anytime (DAV International) Korea Ginseng's Korean Red Ginseng Capsule and Korean Red Ginseng Anytime (DAV International)

Korea Ginseng, a ginseng brand of Korean health product and cosmetics retailer DAV International, has introduced red ginseng products to combat exhaustion and weakened immunity due to recent temperature fluctuations.

Red ginseng is renowned for its immune-boosting properties, particularly its antioxidant and blood flow benefits. These benefits are largely attributed to saponins, compounds found in ginseng that help defend against external factors such as viral infections. Specifically, ginsenoside, a class of saponin unique to ginseng, increases significantly when ginseng is converted to red ginseng.

According to a study published in the Journal of the Korean Society of Food Science and Nutrition in 2004, the absorptivity of these components varies due to differences in the activity of intestinal microbial enzymes. To improve absorption, Korea Ginseng has incorporated a lactobacillus fermentation process in the production of their red ginseng, creating fermented red ginseng.

Korea Ginseng’s Fermented Korean Red Ginseng Capsule, formulated entirely with fermented red ginseng, also enhances safety by using vegetarian capsules and eliminating the pigmentation process.

Another product, Korean Red Ginseng Anytime is a stick-type, easily ingestible product containing 26 percent six-year-old red ginseng and 16 milligrams of ginsenoside.

"Repurchase rates from customers who have tried capsulized red ginseng made with the lactobacillus fermentation process are steadily growing. We hope customers take care of their health during the high temperatures and monsoon season this summer with our product," a company official said.

Further details and products can be found on the official website of Korea Ginseng.