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[팟캐스트] (590) '입양은 사랑이다' 어느 입양 가족의 이야기

By Park Jun-hee

Published : June 6, 2024 - 06:00

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(590) (590) "입양은 사랑이다" 어느 입양 가족의 이야기

진행자: 박준희, Elise Youn

[Weekender] 'Blood doesn't make family, love does'

기사 요약: 입양에 대한 편견을 갖고 있는 사회에게 가족은 꼭 피로 맺어지지 않고 사랑으로 맺어진다는 메시지를 전한 입양가족들

[1] When Jeon Sung-shin, 45, was looking to expand her family without going through childbirth again, she met her then 50-day-old daughter at an orphan care center 11 years ago.

* Expand: 확장하다

* Go through: ~을 거쳐가다

* Childbirth: 출산

* Orphan: 고아

[2] Jeon fell in love with her at first sight and knew adoption would be a beautiful way to build her family. Growing up with the family, Jeon's youngest daughter is now in the sixth grade and is a promising tennis player.

* At first sight: 첫눈에

* Adoption: 입양

* Build: 짓다, 만들어 내다

* Promising: 유망한, 촉망되는

[3] But Jeon said rearing her hadn't always been easy, mainly because adoption still carries so much stigma, especially in a country where the "primacy of blood" had been of paramount importance under the Confucian ideology.

* Rearing: 양육

* Stigma: 낙인, 오명

* Paramount: 다른 무엇보다 가장 중요한, 최고의

* Ideology: 이념

[4] "Unlike Western countries, Koreans often tend to refer to somebody's birth mother when talking about who is really their family. But the biological parent has no custody over the child because all the rights are transferred to the adoptive parent," Jeon underscored.

* Tend to: ~하는 경향이 있다

* Biological parent: 생부모

* Custody: 양육권

* Transfer: 이전하다

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