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The first press conference with cats was held in Colombia


Published : April 9, 2024 - 00:10

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  • To present the first Casa de Adopción de Amores Imposibles [House of Adoption of Impossible Loves] in Colombia, as part of its Adopt Your Allergies campaign, Sanofi held the country's first press conference with cats, giving journalists and content creators the opportunity to meet with the felines and learn about this initiative for increasing the rate of cat adoptions in this Latin American country. 

BOGOTÁ, Colombia, April 8, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- In keeping with its purpose of promoting responsible adoption, Sanofi has held the first press conference with the most tender and furry hosts in the world: cats. Attendees at this event, during which the company unveiled its "Adopt Your Allergies" initiative which aims to encourage the adoption of spayed cats to allow people with allergies to fulfil their dream of having a cat as a pet, had the opportunity to meet around 30 felines.

In the Colombian capital, Sanofi and the Adopta No Compres [Adopt, Don't Buy] Foundation presented their new "House of Adoption of Impossible Loves," a space open to the public, especially for those who want to fulfil their dream of adopting a cat to have the opportunity to meet the future member of their family. The event closed with more than 300 requests for adoptions.

The campaign is based on the concept of empowered self-care and combines Sanofi's social commitment with a positive impact on the lives of people and their pets. The campaign is supported by a series of decisive scientific findings: humans are allergic to the Fel d1 protein, which is produced in the sebaceous glands and skin of felines and transmitted to their fur and dander during grooming. It has been proven that when cats are spayed, the production of this allergen is reduced by 90%.