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Samsung-LG rivalry renewed in all-in-one washer

By Jo He-rim

Published : March 19, 2024 - 17:56

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Samsung Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo (left) and LG Tromm Objet Collection Wash Combo (Yonhap) Samsung Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo (left) and LG Tromm Objet Collection Wash Combo (Yonhap)

Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics are seen to be renewing their decadeslong competition in the home appliance market with their first all-in-one washer-dryer machines, which combined the two full-capacity laundry machines to complete the entire laundry process in one step.

Both Samsung and LG first unveiled their new single-drum laundry machines at the IFA trade show in Germany in August last year, each claiming their products hold superiority over the other.

Samsung presented the Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo at the time but did not reveal the detailed specifications of the machine or the price. LG showcased its premium-segment model LG Signature Combo, priced at 6.9 million won ($5,150).

Despite its novelty and premium quality, LG's Signature Combo was received as too pricey in the market, since it is about 2 million to 3 million won more than the combined price of a typical washer and a dryer.

Samsung sought to hold an edge in price and released the Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo at a cheaper price of 3.99 million won. The company also started delivering the product to customers in Korea in early March, faster than its rival, which had launched its premium model earlier.

In the meantime, LG released the Tromm Objet Collection Wash Combo just last week for 4.49 million won, presenting a product that matches both the price and laundry volume of its rival to place the competition on equal footing.

On Tuesday, Samsung announced that all of its production lines in Korea for its Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo are operating at full capacity, thanks to strong demand since the time the product was launched earlier this month. According to Samsung, it achieved sales of 1,000 units within three days of its launch, and sales of over 3,000 units after 12 days.

While LG did not provide a specific number, the company underscored that it reacted to the global market faster than its rival, starting sales of its Washer Dryer Combos model in the US market in January. The Washer Dryer Combos, tailored for consumers in the US, recorded sales 70 percent higher than other premium-segment washing machines in the first week of its launch, according to LG.

Samsung said it plans to launch its Bespoke AI Combo model overseas throughout the year.

When it comes to the key specifications, the rival products share similarities.

Samsung's Bespoke AI Washer & Dryer Combo and LG's Tromm Objet Collection Wash Combo have the same washing capacities of 25 kilograms and 15 kg heat pump drying capabilities. Both machines also claim they complete the entire washing and drying process in 99 minutes.

The two companies also emphasized how their all-in-one products can help users save space in their homes by installing only one unit instead of two machines.

The LG Tromm Objet Collection Wash Combo boasts low energy consumption for its dryer function at 570 watts. Samsung's product records 1,700 watts. A Samsung official explained that the figures mark the highest number in the operation and not the average. Samsung's product uses the extra heater function for a short time, and the average energy consumption is lower, the official added.

Samsung's product has been equipped with an artificial intelligence feature to detect the weight and softness of the fabric in each load to set the optimal amount of water and detergent. With the information it collects in advance, the machine adjusts the soaking, rinsing and spinning time to achieve the best results quickly and efficiently, according to Samsung.

LG's Tromm model weighs 95 kilograms, smaller than that of Samsung's model at 144 kilograms.

Samsung's Bespoke model also boasts a 7-inch LCD screen, which is the largest used on a laundry machine.