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Rock band Sanullim's music to regain life in Europe

Legendary trio's music to be released in remastered LPs

By Lee Jung-youn

Published : March 11, 2024 - 15:52

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Cover of Sanullim's compilation LP, Cover of Sanullim's compilation LP, "Evening Breeze” (Musicverse)

Legendary Korean rock trio Sanullim's songs, which marked a big milestone in the Korean music scene, will be officially released in Europe as four separate LPs.

The rerelease project started when Guerssen Records, a record label group based in Spain, requested licenses for a rerelease.

The four Sanullim LPs are rereleases of the first album, "Already Now," second album "Spread Silk on My Heart," third album "My Heart (My Soul Is a Wasteland)" and the compilation album "Evening Breeze.”

The compilation album consists of 23 songs selected by Guerssen Records CEO Antoni Gorgues, a self-avowed Sanullim fan. Songs from the band’s fourth album released in 1979 to its ninth album released in 1983, including "Let's Go to the Vineyard," "An Hourglass in Midday," "Tomorrow and Tomorrow Again" and "A Strange Day Like This" are included.

While Korean fans' favorite Sanullim numbers are mostly lyrical ballad-style works, the compilation centers on the band's early music, which employed intense distortion and psychedelic rock sounds using the organ.

All four LPs include English liner notes written by Hugh Deller of Shindig magazine, various photos of Sanullim and articles about the group. Spanish illustrator Mario Feal created the LP covers.

All of the upcoming LPs will be produced in Europe and introduced in Korea as imported albums.

Sanullim, a band that debuted in 1977, consists of Kim Chang-wan and his two brothers, Chang-hoon and Chang-ik. The group raised the level of Korean rock music by being loved not only in Korea, but also abroad. It has inspired numerous musicians since to interpret diverse genres into their own style, from experimental psychedelic rock music to folk rock and disco.

The remastered Sanullim LPs will go on sale via major online and offline stores in Europe starting Friday.

Cover of Sanullim's 2nd album LP, Cover of Sanullim's 2nd album LP, "Spread Silk on My Heart" (Musicverse)