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[팟캐스트] (543) 한국인이 크리스마스에 꼭 찾는 음식은?

By Kan Hyeong-woo

Published : Dec. 25, 2023 - 06:00

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진행자: 간형우, Beth Eunhee Hong

All Koreans need for Christmas is ... a cake?

기사 요약: 한국인이 크리스마스날 케익을 찾는 현상과 그 유래

[1] Ever wondered what Koreans most enjoy on their Christmas dinner tables?

*wonder: 궁금해하다, 경이로운 것

[2] While the classic yuletide meal of turkey and stuffing are hard to find and there's no specific Korean Christmas dish, people often turn to a special treat enjoyed on other special occasions: cakes.

*yuletide: 크리스마스 계절

[3] Sharing a cake after a Christmas meal, which could be anything from a takeaway pizza and fried chicken to a more special menu, has become a cherished holiday tradition for many Korean families, with some splurging upwards of 200,000 won ($152) on extravagant desserts crafted by luxury hotel delis.

*cherish: 소중히 여기다, (마음속에) 간직하다

*splurge: 돈을 물 쓰듯 쓰다

*extravagant: 사치스러운, 낭비하는, 화려한

*deli: 사전에 조리된 음식을 파는 유형의 상점

[4] The demand for Christmas cakes in Korea shows no sign of slowing down this year, with bakeries and hotels from all tiers announcing their lineup of aesthetically pleasing Christmas confections for early reservation.

*tier: 단계

*aesthetically: 미적으로

*pleasing: 즐거운, 만족스러운

*confection: 당과 제품 (과자, 케이크 등)

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