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[팟캐스트] (538) ‘나 고독사 할지도 몰라’ 걱정하는 일용직 근로자

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Dec. 7, 2023 - 06:01

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진행자: 박준희, Beth Eunhee Hong

Day laborers, low-income earners fear lonely death

기사 요약: 고독사에 걱정하는 일용직 근로자, 소득 낮은 층

[1] Day laborers and low-income earners in South Korea feel that they have a high chance of dying alone and remaining unnoticed for

days, compared to peers with regular jobs earning higher incomes, a survey showed Sunday.

*Day laborer: 일용직 근로자

*Low-income: 소득이 낮은

*Regular job: 정규직

[2] Those employed and paid daily without a regular job feared they would have an average 41.8 percent chance of suffering a "lonely death," compared to 28.6 percent for those with regular jobs, according to data from a survey by the Korea Institute for Health and Social Affairs released Sunday.

*Employed: 취직[취업]하고 있는

*Fear: 두려워하다; 우려하다

*Lonely death: 고독사

[3] A similar trend was also observed depending on the level of an individual's income. Those earning monthly wages of less than 2 million won ($1,550) expected they would have a 44.9 percent chance of dying lonely, while those receiving over 6 million won marked 25.8 percent.

*Trend: 동향, 추세

*Observed: 관찰됐다

*Receiving: 받는

[4] By age, respondents in their 30s said that they had a 39.5 percent chance of dying alone. On the other hand, individual anticipation of dying alone diminished gradually in older age groups, with those in their 60s predicting a 29.8 percent chance of dying alone. Those in their 20s expected they had a 29.5 percent possibility of a lonely death.

*Respondents: 응답자

*On the other hand: 다른 한편으로는, 반면에

*Anticipation of: ~에 대한 기대

*Predicting: 예측하기

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