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KB unveils video to mark World Soil Day

By Mun So-jeong

Published : Dec. 5, 2023 - 14:34

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KB Financial Group uploaded a video titled KB Financial Group uploaded a video titled "Safeguarding Soil, A Source Of Life" to promote World Soil Day 2023 on its official YouTube channel. (KB Financial Group)

KB Financial Group on Tuesday unveiled a video titled “Safeguarding Soil, A Source Of Life,” to celebrate World Soil Day, held annually on Dec. 5 to advocate for the sustainable soil management practices.

The video first underscores the importance of healthy soil as an essential resource for sustaining life on Earth.

It then discusses plastic, the leading cause of soil and water pollution. According to the video, plastic waste can release harmful chemicals into the surrounding soil, which then seep into the groundwater and eventually harm us in return.

Seo Kyoung-duk, a general education professor at Sungshin Women’s University and an active promoter of Korea, joined the financial giant to structure and organize the video. The video was narrated pro bono by actress Lee Sun-bin.

Addressing the cost of soil regeneration, the video encourages people to start doing some simple acts in their daily lives, such as recycling, picking up trash and composting food waste.

Available in both Korean and English, the video is uploaded to KB Financial Group’s YouTube channel and social media.

“We will continue to deliver messages of sustainability through diverse content,” a KB Financial Group official said.