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Amogreentech to counter water shortages via no-power purification system

By Lee Jung-joo

Published : Nov. 29, 2023 - 16:24

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A rendered image of Amogreentech's large gravity driven membrane system (Amogreentech) A rendered image of Amogreentech's large gravity driven membrane system (Amogreentech)

To solve water shortage problems exacerbated by climate change, Amogreentech developed a gravity driven membrane system that can purify water using only a pressure difference with a nanofiber membrane.

The system, developed by the Korean advanced material and component firm, boasts a high efficiency. The system's device wastes no excess energy and equipment to install and operate to remove contaminants and waterborne bacteria from the water.

The device is easy to maintain with its effective water flow system that allows for easy cleaning.

In its most recent feat, Amogreentech has exported its gravity driven membrane systems to 24 countries where drinking water is known to be contaminated or scarce, including the Pacific Islands, Kenya, South Sudan, Haiti, Mongolia, the Philippines and several other countries in Southeast Asia.

Amogreentech strives to become a top eco-friendly company through the development of water, air and energy-applied products. With its zero-carbon, non-powered gravity driven membrane system, the company aims to reduce carbon emissions and prevent waterborne diseases in water-scarce regions that lack the necessary infrastructure.