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EverServe: Pioneering into International Markets with Innovative Dietary Supplement OEM/ODM Expertise


Published : Nov. 1, 2023 - 10:10

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TAICHUNG, Nov. 1, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EverServe, a visionary alliance of biotechnology leaders from Taiwan, the United States, and Japan, announced a major breakthrough in the international dietary supplement market, with its ground-breaking research and development achievement.

The path of EverServe's triumphant journey lies to innovation commences with revolutionary research and development techniques applied to raw materials and dietary supplement products. All manufacturing processes are held to rigorous international quality standards. EverServe's fundamental competencies revolve around strain screening, medium optimization, fermentation, extraction, and purification. Key raw materials under their scrutiny encompass enzymes, mushroom polysaccharides, NattoKinase, red yeast rice, and probiotics.

With a rich history spanning almost four decades, EverServe is a dedicated provider of OEM and ODM services for dietary supplements, offering a diverse array of products encompassing enzymes, polysaccharides, probiotics, capsules, functional beverages, and skincare solutions, with a special emphasis on products such as pineapple enzymes, NattoKinase, LactoPrime, and enzyme soaps.

The research and development efforts at EverServe are firmly anchored in pivotal elements of human health and autoimmunity. Their focus extends to health foods, cosmetics, and skincare products based on enzymes and polysaccharides. Building on foundational research in microbial and strain culture techniques, alongside biotechnological fermentation processes, EverServe is directing its research towards genetic strain modification, while further enhancing production processes, including fermentation, recycling, and purification.

In addition to their profound product formulation expertise, EverServe offers comprehensive OEM/ODM services, presenting customers with a seamless one-stop solution. With an R&D division comprising hundreds of skilled professionals, EverServe maintains an unwavering commitment to achieving the highest product quality, ensuring customers receive optimal formulations. Their state-of-the-art factory facilities are fully automated to preserve a clean and contaminant-free production environment, using 316 stainless steel fermenters and extractors to reinforce product quality.

EverServe caters to a spectrum of product forms for customer selection, including capsules, tablets, powders, and liquids. The company places significant value on customer feedback and provides sample products for testing and marketing. Product offerings encompass various drink series options, ranging from ready-to-drink packs of 10ml to 50ml, upright foil bags from 100ml to 350ml, portable glass bottles in 30ml and 50ml sizes, larger glass bottles of 556ml and 720ml, along with jelly bars ranging from 30ml to 350ml. Powders are available in three-sided sealed aluminum bags in sizes of 1-3g and 20-30g, as well as shaped bags with back sealing in sizes of 1-3g, 3-5g, and 20-30g. Capsules and tablets are offered in hard capsule sizes of 300mg and 500mg, soft capsule options of 300mg and 500mg, liquid capsules, and anti-acid capsules.

Leveraging the potency of active fruit enzymes and mushroom Beta-Glucan, EverServe has introduced a range of functional daily essentials, including facial masks, body care series, polysaccharide enzyme soaps, and other beauty care products. The company customizes these products to meet the specific needs of diverse customer groups. Among their best-selling products is the Beta Glucan Enzyme Soap, renowned for its deep cleansing, makeup removal, exfoliation, and whitening properties.

EverServe has meticulously allocated valuable resources, encompassing capital investments, cost control, and human resources, to significantly enhance productivity. Looking ahead, EverServe is resolutely focused on expanding its market share, with particular emphasis on burgeoning international markets in the Asia-Pacific region. The company is fully prepared to embrace orders from global customers.

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