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[팟캐스트] (532) 연예인 마약수사가 정권의 기획? 민주당 '음모론' 제기 / '사기 혐의' 전청조 출국금지 조치

By Park Jun-hee

Published : Nov. 2, 2023 - 06:01

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진행자: 박준희, Ali Abbot

1. Opposition lawmakers allege celebrity drug scandals are part of government coverup

기사 요약: 연예인 마약으로 이슈 덮는다? 민주당 '음모론' 제기

[1] While South Korean celebrities’ drug allegations continue to dominate headlines, the main opposition party claimed on Friday that the ongoing investigation into such drug scandals may have been premeditated to divert public attention from current political issues that are unfavorable to the ruling party and the government.

* Allegation: 혐의; 주장

* Dominate: 지배하다, ~의 가장 중요한 특징이 되다

* Claim: ~이 사실이라고 주장하다; 주장

* Premeditated: 사전에 계획된

[2] In a radio interview with the news channel YTN on Thursday, Rep. An Min-suk of the main opposition Democratic Party of Korea said a series of drug scandals involving big-name artists went viral at a time when the conservative government is facing a crisis.

* Involving: (상황·사건·활동이 사람을) 관련[연루]시키다

* Big-name: 유명한, 저명한; 유명인의

* Go viral: 입소문이 났다

* Face a crisis: 위기를 마주하다

[3] He also was referring to high-profile personalities who were booked by the police for alleged illicit drug use, including Kwon Ji-yong -- more widely known as G-Dragon of Big Bang -- and actor Lee Sun-kyun.

* High-profile: 높은 인지도

* Personality: 유명인; 성격

* Illicit: 불법의

[4] Last week, Lee Kyung, the deputy spokesperson of the Democratic Party, also alleged that there was an intentional effort to divert public attention from the government, labeling the situation as “strange.”

* Allege: (증거 없이) 혐의를 제기하다; 주장하다

* Divert: (생각·관심을) 다른 데로 돌리다

* Label: 규정하다

기사 원문:

2. Police slap travel ban on suspected con artist, ex-fiance of fencing star

기사 요약: 경찰, 잇단 '사기 혐의' 전청조 출국금지 조치

[1] South Korean police said a travel ban on Jeon Cheong-jo, an alleged con artist who was briefly engaged to former Olympic medalist Nam Hyun-hee, has been issued, as details surrounding the relationship between the swindler and the embattled sports hero continue to emerge.

* Travel ban: 출국금지

* Con artist: 사기꾼

* Emerge: 드러나다, 알려지다

[2] The "Jeon Cheong-jo scandal" quickly unraveled after Nam announced plans for her wedding on Oct. 23. It sent shockwaves across the country after most of what appeared to be far-fetched allegations -- ranging from Jeon being a woman to having served prison time for extortion -- turned out to be apparently true.

* Unravel: (이해하기 어려운 것·미스터리 등을[이]) 풀다[풀리다]

* Send shock waves through: ~에 충격을 주다

* Far-fetched: 믿기지 않는

[3] In the ensuing media coverage and an interview from Nam herself, it was revealed that Jeon apparently swindled money from multiple people while pretending to have intimate relationships as both a man and woman. In 2020, Jeon allegedly extorted money from her then-boyfriend while dating him as a woman, but claimed to be a man a year earlier when swindling 3 million won ($2,200) from a woman on Jeju Island.

* Ensuing: (바로 따라오는) 그 후

* Reveal: (비밀 등이) 밝혀지다

* Swindle: 사기치다

* Multiple: 많은, 다수의

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