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iba 2023: Angel Yeast brings latest baking products and solutions, empowering the China team to triumph in the iba.UIBC.Cup of Bakers


Published : Nov. 1, 2023 - 00:10

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MUNICH, Oct. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Premier global yeast company Angel Yeast (SH600298) recently presented its latest products and solutions at the iba 2023, the leading trade fair for the baking and confectionery industry, hosted from October 22 to 26 in Munich. With the support of Angel Yeast, Team China also won the iba.UIBC.Cup of Bakers 2023, the prestigious international baking competition hosted by iba during the exhibition.

iba 2023: Angel Yeast brings latest baking products and solutions, empowering the China team to triumph in the iba.UIBC.Cup of Bakers.
iba 2023: Angel Yeast brings latest baking products and solutions, empowering the China team to triumph in the iba.UIBC.Cup of Bakers.

Established in 1949, iba is the world's largest baking and confectionery trade fair and a unique platform for showcasing the industry's latest trends and innovation, connecting exhibitors with partners, and promoting industry development.

Angel Yeast's exhibition at the Fairground Messe München focused on the themes of innovation and sustainability, delivering the latest products including premium yeast strains and a new dedicated yeast series, as well as innovative solutions of frozen dough, refrigerated dough, nutrition enrichment, and anti-stalling for bread products.

At iba 2023, Angel Yeast highlighted its Premium dry yeast and specialized yeast products, self-produced raw food materials, baking enzymic preparations, trade products (like nuts and seeds), and tea:

  • The Premium dry yeast is an optimized high-quality strain achieved through strict quality control and advanced production techniques, boasting higher tolerance, reliability, and adaptability in various recipes and conditions – whether professional baking and home baking.
  • FrozDo is a special yeast developed for frozen dough exhibits exceptional freezing resistance. With resistance 15% higher than regular dry yeast, it extends the shelf-life and ensures stability of frozen dough, making it suitable for a wide range of frozen dough products. While ChillDo is designed for refrigerated dough stored between 0-10 degrees Celsius that avoids damage to the gluten at a low temperature and revives yeast activity after rewarming to rise the dough quickly, making it ideal for more flexible baking demands with an improved success rate.

Angel Yeast also presented four new baking solutions that not only empower more efficient baking with elevated flavors, but also provide healthier options that mutually benefit both the bakeries and customers:

  • Baking nutritional enhancement solution: a better choice for healthier baking, this solution brings a diverse range of yeast-derived nutrients, including yeast protein, yeast selenium, yeast beta-glucan, and VD yeast, etc., providing a comprehensive yeast option for healthier baking.
  • Anti-stalling solution for bread: a baking innovation that slows down the stalling of bread and extends the shelf life while improving both the quality and taste;
  • Chilled dough solution: a more convenient and flexible solution for bakers leveraging professional ChillDo ingredients and a controlled rising process of the dough that saves time and reduces consumption while solving the problems of dough refrigeration.
  • Frozen dough solution: professional technologies and key ingredients that satisfy freezing needs of various time frames, ensure effective dough rising, easy storage and application as well as reducing costs.

In the meantime, Chinese bakers Lin Yeqiang and Feng Yingjie won the highly competitive three-day iba.UIBC.Cup of Bakers 2023, one of the top three bread baking competitions in the world. Angel Yeast has supported the Chinese team and coordinated training resources with its German partner MIWE, including local training ground, materials, as well as baking technique guidance by MIWE's master bakers.

As one of the world's most important suppliers of yeast and baking ingredients, Angel Yeast is committed to providing high-quality products and solutions for professional and amateur bakers in more than 160 countries and regions worldwide, carrying renowned baking equipment brands like MIWE as an agent, continually advancing the industrialization and modernization of China's baking industry, and bringing more opportunities and choices for future development.