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SEH Biotechnology: Revolutionizing the Global Beverage and Brewing Industry with Cutting-Edge Water and Biotech from Taiwan


Published : Oct. 25, 2023 - 20:10

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TAIPEI, Oct. 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Taiwan is renowned for its advanced semiconductor technology, and it's also a hub for the development of water technology. SEH Biotechnology Co., Ltd., based in Taiwan, stands out as the world's only company that ingeniously combines biotechnology and water technology to infuse water with exceptional antioxidant and reduction capabilities. In collaboration with Aizia Technology Inc., an affiliate of SEH Biotechnology, they have jointly introduced four distinct SEH® Multi-functional water types, aimed at reshaping the beverage and brewing industry.

Conventional bottled tea drinks typically come with labels that say, "Consume promptly after opening," as the onset of oxidation upon opening gradually makes the taste bitter. However, beverages produced using the large-scale Top Spring® Life Energy Water System from Aizia Tech offer an even more delightful taste. Even after being open for several hours or up to 1-2 days, the original flavor remains preserved, significantly extending the enjoyment window and effectively reducing the intake of oxidants into the body. Moreover, this technology isn't limited to tea drinks; it's applicable to various alcoholic beverages, such as red and white wines, sake, shochu, and distilled spirits, enhancing their quality and mitigating the impact of alcohol on health.

Brewing companies equipped with SEH's technology can not only expedite the brewing process and yield higher-quality products but also employ it as a potent strategy to reduce the adverse effects of alcohol, giving them a noticeable competitive edge in the local market through product differentiation.

This innovative technology finds applications across diverse fields and industries, including beverage manufacturing, brewing, vinegar production, chain coffee shops, chain tea shops, bartending, fast-food chains, and more. Multiple international certifications have validated the excellent quality and stability of these products. In this era of globalization, there is unquestionably substantial commercial value—whether it's about expanding market share for beverage manufacturers or enhancing customer loyalty for restaurants. By embracing future trends and integrating SEH Biotechnology's advanced biotech with the excellent water produced by the Top Spring® Life Energy Water System, companies can elevate the competitiveness of their products, fostering a win-win situation for all stakeholders.