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Premium Service & Elevating Taiwanese Snacks Globally: Huang Ju Food (Taiwan) Leading the Way in Taiwanese Food Business


Published : Sept. 8, 2023 - 10:20

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TAICHUNG, Sept. 8, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- In the bustling world of food exports, Huang Ju Food (Taiwan) stands as a leading light, specializing in the export of authentic Taiwanese snacks. Huang Ju's unwavering values, rooted in "Finest Quality, Service Oriented, Fast Delivery & Fair Price," drive them to be the ultimate partner for importers worldwide. Through their dedication to promoting Taiwan's snack treasures on the global stage, they aim to enhance customer's value across local market.

Navigating Global Markets:

With a rich history of export spanning more than a dozen countries, Huang Ju has developed a deep understanding of the import regulations in each nation. This knowledge empowers them to navigate international markets seamlessly, ensuring their customers receive their beloved Taiwanese snacks with ease.

Serving Diverse Clients:

Huang Ju's broad customer base, including import wholesalers, upscale supermarkets, chain stores, budget retailers, Asian supermarkets, imported snack shops, hotel chains, and tourist attractions, reflects their ability to cater to varied preferences. In the Taiwanese food field, Huang Ju has abundant expertise to offer clients detailed analysis of brands, items, and quality, effectively boosting product sales and sustainability. With precision in product suggestion and an emphasis on competitive pricing achieved through big annual procurement quantity, Huang Ju creates a harmonious system benefiting manufacturers, exporters, distributors, and consumers alike.

Curating Excellence Products through Expertise:

One of the cores of Huang Ju's success lies in their professional procurement team, relentlessly scouting new Taiwanese snack varieties from every corner of the nation. Huang Ju closely keeps up to various sizes of domestic food manufacturers, always staying updated with the latest product information. Through substantial and diversified procurement, Huang Ju attains minimal profits, providing fair prices to create a win-win situation.

Top-Notch All-In-One Services

Huang Ju stand proudly as enablers of customer-driven innovation, offering OEM and ODM products and services that bring their visions to life. Collaborating closely with domestic food factories, Huang Ju also have their own production plant, OEM and ODM services, facilitate procurement process, cargo consolidation, quality checks, container loading, customs clearance all in one pack. Huang Ju is committed to providing a variety of customized services to meet the needs of global customers, upholding rigorous standards in production processes, safeguarding their partners against subpar ingredients and practices. This service help to reduce procurement costs and logistics expenses for importers worldwide.

Efficiency and Reliability:

Huang Ju's proficient team operates like clockwork, expertly shortening consolidation lead times to ensure swift deliveries. Their rigorous pre-shipping checking act as a final guard, guaranteeing that every shipment aligns perfectly with their customers' desires.

At Huang Ju Food (Taiwan), their passion for preserving tradition, enhancing quality, and sharing Taiwanese snacks with the world burns brightly. With each export, they contribute not only to a global food adventure but also to elevating Taiwan's standing on the world stage. Huang Ju invite manufacturers, importers, and food enthusiasts to join them in this journey of taste, tradition, and triumph.

Since Huang Ju (Hong Kong) establishment in late 2012, they successfully expanded Taiwanese food agency/wholesale business in Hong Kong and Macau. With profound understanding and market sensitivity towards Taiwanese food, Huang Ju Food (Hong Kong) has swiftly established a strong presence in the Hong Kong and Macau markets. They represent and distribute hundreds of quality products from various Taiwanese brands, while Huang Ju's proprietary brand "Fun TW" has left a lasting impression of "premium quality, deliciousness, and affordability" in consumers' hearts.