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StayC blows out in summer festivity with iconic 'Teenfresh'

Six-piece girl group StayC returns with new album after six-month break

By Choi Ji-won

Published : Aug. 16, 2023 - 16:43

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StayC poses for picture at its third EP StayC poses for picture at its third EP "Teenfresh" press showcase event held in Seoul on Wednesday. (High Up Entertainment)

The pop queens of StayC is returning Wednesday to enthrall the nation yet again with their bubbly energy.

This time, they have gone all-out on youthful effervescence with "Teenfresh."

During a press conference in Seoul on Wednesday, the members called the album a summer blowout, welcoming listeners to a playground of seasonal festivity.

"The album embraces StayC's iconic genre of 'teen fresh.' We've jam-packed it with six songs flourishing in our unique colors and positive energy," Sieun said during Wednesday's event.

The group's third mini album starts with "Bubble," driven by its perky synth bass sound and captivating hook. Over sound effects of bubbles popping, the girls Sing about how words from others that bring you down will eventually blow up and vanish like the bubbles.

According to the group, the new album, especially its title song "Bubble," is linked to the band's previous release, "Teddy Bear."

"Many people told us that they were consoled by 'Teddy Bear,' just like the band members had been. We wanted to continue delivering that energy through another healing song, which came to be 'Bubble,'" Sumin explained.

Celebrating summer isn't just a metaphor for the song, as the music video of "Bubble" also takes place in a theme park where the girls jump around in a "Bubble Arcade." They bring this out into the real life and is set to launch a special comeback showcase at Lotte World Adventure's Garden Stage in Seoul on Wednesday evening. Lotte World is the nation's most popular theme park.

"Lotte World is a place where many of us have made good memories, and we wanted to gift such happy time to Sweets (StayC's fandom)," Yoon said, adding, "Also, we've never had a chance to do a showcase event in front of people other than our fans and the media, and I'm thrilled to finally do it."

Adding to the basket of fresh new sounds are three album tracks, "Not Like You," which spells out StayC's confidence, "I Wanna Do," a promise to always stand by, and "Be Mine," which draws a girl's innocent love.

A sped-up version of "Bubble," targeting the heated social media challenge craze, and an English version of the title song are also listed on the album.

"Teenfresh" marks the second comeback by the sextet this year, following the release of its fourth single "Teddy Bear" in February.

With six members -- Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Se-eun, Yoon and J -- StayC debuted in November 2020 as the first girl group of High up Entertainment -- a novice label founded by hitmaking producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung (also referred to in short B.E.P).

The name StayC stands for "Star to a Young Culture," portraying the band's ambition to become the creative new leaders of their generation.

With B.E.P at the helm of its music, the sextet instantly shot to fame and has since walked a promising path carving out its own lane of "teen fresh" music with its chart-topping hits, "ASAP," "Stereotype," "Run2U" and "Teddy Bear."

With the new album, the group is set to take off on its first global concert tour, "Teenfresh," in September. Starting in Seoul on Sept. 23-24, the band is set to take the series to the US in October, holding shows in New York, Chicago, San Antonio, Dallas, Seattle, San Francisco and Los Angeles. After a short break, the tour will restart in January in Asia.

Sharing excitement about their upcoming tour, Sieun said, "As this is our first world tour, we also have high expectations. We are aware many overseas fans have been waiting a long time to see us, and we're striving hard to bring only good memories and the best performance to them. We anticipate to advance a step further through this world tour."