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[70th Anniversary] Congratulatory messages from business leaders

By Korea Herald

Published : Aug. 13, 2023 - 15:25

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Business leaders have sent congratulatory messages to celebrate the 70th anniversary of The Korea Herald. – Ed.

Chey Tae-won, Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry chairman

My sincere congratulations to The Korea Herald on its 70th anniversary.

The Korea Herald, then The Korea Republic, was first published to introduce Korean society following the Korean War and to solidify international cooperation.

The Korea Herald has witnessed the moments of reconstruction, growth and the Miracle on the Han River on this soil for 70 years. And it has taken the role of bridging Korea and the global society.

Today, we are at a time of geopolitical risk like never before. I believe the work of The Korea Herald is central in these challenging times.

We are standing at a turning point and I wish 190,000 companies to take an active part in increasing our presence beyond our borders, including bringing the World Expo 2030 to Busan. Thank you.

Sohn Kyung-shik, chairman of Korea Enterprises Federation

The Korea Herald, which was created after the Korean War with the mission of being a “herald of national reconstruction,” provides prompt and accurate news to many readers at home and abroad.

It has contributed greatly to promoting Korea to the world.

I would like to express my gratitude to all the executives and staff members who have been sparing no effort in establishing The Korea Herald as Korea's representative English-language newspaper.

I hope that The Korea Herald will continue to expand its role as a window of information through which people in Korea and around the world can communicate with each other through balanced and informative reporting, taking the footsteps of the past 70 years as a milestone.

James Kim, AmCham Korea Chairman and CEO

As one of the most important English newspapers in Korea, The Korea Herald has been instrumental in the country's globalization over the past seven decades. Its extensive knowledge and resources have contributed not only to the growth of the Korean economy and culture but also to helping Korea reach a global audience.

We are also celebrating the founding of AmCham this year. As the first and largest foreign chamber of commerce in Korea, AmCham truly appreciates The Korea Herald’s unparalleled contributions to bringing Korea closer to the international community.

Congratulations on reaching this incredible milestone. We look forward to maintaining our powerful partnership with The Korea Herald in the future.

Philippe Van Hoof, European Chamber of Commerce in Korea Chairperson

The Korea Herald has greatly served in its role of bridging between Korea and the world, delivering news related to Korea. Especially for the foreign communities based in Korea, it is more important to stay informed and connected daily to successfully work with the Korean people including the business and the government.

Moreover, Korea grew to be one of the biggest economies in the world, therefore the media’s contribution to bolstering Korea’s strong presence in global financial markets and to communicating with global investors is significant.

Taking this opportunity, I hope The Korea Herald continues its prosperous journey in the future.

Ham Young-joo, Hana Financial Group Chairman

Congratulations on the 70th anniversary of The Korea Herald, which coincides with Korea's Liberation Day.

As a prominent English-language newspaper in South Korea, it has played a pivotal role in the nation's reconstruction and development.

Looking ahead, I have great anticipation for The Korea Herald to continue serving its role as a constructive liaison between Korea and the global community, thereby strengthening South Korea's standing in the international community.

Yoon Jong-kyoo, KB Financial Group Chairman

Since its establishment in 1953, The Korea Herald has played a vital role as a trusted source of reliable information and insightful reporting, both on local events and global affairs, keeping the public informed and enlightened.

Your commitment to journalistic excellence and credible reporting has earned The Korea Herald a well-deserved reputation as one of the most respected English-language media outlets in Korea. Moreover, throughout the decades, The Korea Herald has served as a valuable ambassador for Korea, contributing to enhancing Korea’s status in the global community.

As you celebrate this momentous milestone, I wish you continued success in the years ahead. May The Korea Herald continue to shine as a beacon of trustworthy journalism for generations to come.

Yim Jong-yong, Woori Financial Group Chairman

I sincerely congratulate The Korea Herald on its 70th anniversary.

The Korea Herald has been a pioneer in introducing Korea to the world as the leading English-language newspaper of Korea. I applaud the efforts of The Korea Herald in fulfilling this pioneering role.

In the future, I hope that The Korea Herald will continue to spread Korean culture and K-pop to every corner of the globe, becoming a herald of cultural exchange.

Jin Ok-dong, Shinhan Financial Group Chairman

The Korea Herald has shown commitment to presenting Korea's advancement and growth to a global audience over the last 70 years.

With its unparalleled fusion of enlightening articles and in-depth news coverage, The Korea Herald stands as an icon of English-language journalism in Korea.

I look forward to the publication's future contributions as it continues to connect cultures, broaden perspectives and offer a platform for significant global discussions.

I sincerely congratulate The Korea Herald on its 70th anniversary.