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With pants on backward, 8TURN makes a splash with 'Uncharted Drift'

By Choi Ji-won

Published : June 27, 2023 - 15:36

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8TURN holds a press conference for its second EP, 8TURN holds a press conference for its second EP, "Uncharted Drift," in Seoul on Monday. (MHN Entertainment)

Rookie boy band 8TURN continues its adventure to break the rules with its second EP, "Uncharted Drift," which was released Monday.

"We want to show we've grown with every comeback, and this time, as it's our very first, we tried hard to improve in terms of our visuals, music and performance," Yoonsung said at the band's comeback showcase held in Seoul on Monday.

The fledgling team takes another go at shaking up the scene with its new summer sizzler, "Uncharted Drift," which shows the boys' summer night escape to discover their own paths.

Just as with their first showcase event in January, the boys again took the stage in pants designed backwards -- a trademark style resembling the team's kitsch and freewheeling spirit.

"We wear our pants backwards to break free of the standards and demonstrate our novice attempts with impact," Jaeyun, the band's leader, said, adding, "We plan to retain this fashion until our message and ambition reaches the world."

Myungho noted the keyword for the new concept is "irregularity," which was reflected through the different colors of the boys' clothes and hair.

"When I first received my outfit (for the album), I was given this tiny yellow top that showed my belly. It was embarrassing to wear at first. I worked out hard to strengthen my abs," Myungho added.

Fronting the new album is "Excel," an old school hip-hop score, peppered with rock guitar sounds, that sings of the bandmates' determination to have faith in oneself as they strut forward tirelessly on each of their paths.

"The members' voices are really powerful in this one. As rappers, Yungyu and I take on the fierce hit while the mellow voices of the vocalists set the overall mood of the song," Seungheon explained.

With the alternative rock genre, "World," 8TURN rolls out the next part of its narrative-building universe that follows on from its first album. Yungyu tried his hand at writing lyrics for the song for the first time.

Also included on the new album are the urban hip-hop tune "Walk It Out," an easy-listening love serenade "Sketch" and a heartening gospel hip-hop "ING."

8TURN -- consisting of members Myungho, Jaeyun, Minho, Yoonsung, Haemin, Kyungmin, Yungyu, and Seungheon -- debuted in January under MNH Entertainment with its first EP "8Turnrise."

Despite their short career, the group has already traveled overseas and performed at the major K-pop festival, KCON, in Japan and Thailand.

"They were our first overseas events and we didn't expect people to recognize us, but thankfully, many fans greeted us at the airport," Seungheon said, adding, "We were grateful that so many foreign fans came to our shows."

The band reiterated their goal to take the stage at the year-end music awards.

"We haven't been to any local music awards as it's only been six months. We've seen so many magnificent performances by more experienced groups at the events and we also hope to perform at the ceremonies this year," Yoonsung said.

Speaking on a more profound level, Jaeyun, the leader, hoped the group could continue to be happy together.

"We spoke together last night on our direction and goals, and the first and foremost value we shared was staying happy on stage, dancing and singing. With good music and good performances, we hope to enjoy and revel in every moment and remain in people's hearts."