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[Well-curated] Indoor climbing, splashing at Han River swimming pools and a taste of Honduras

By Kim Hae-yeon, Kim Da-sol, Park Yuna

Published : June 23, 2023 - 09:01

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Damjang gym, located in Eulji-ro, central Seoul (Kim Hae-yeon/ The Korea Herald) Damjang gym, located in Eulji-ro, central Seoul (Kim Hae-yeon/ The Korea Herald)

Indoor climbing in the heart of Seoul

The rainy season is approaching, but rock climbers still have options.

Damjang gym, located in Eulji-ro, Seoul is a minimalist bouldering gym with creatively designed routes suitable for climbers of all levels.

If you are trying indoor climbing for the first time, join a newcomers' group and receive an hour of instruction from a professional trainer to learn the basics.

Regular classes are also available, where experienced instructors teach bouldering techniques to help you master the setups at Damjang more easily.

Climbing shoes and towels are available for rent in the locker room. You can also take videos and photos of your climbing adventures. Selfie sticks can be rented for free at the help desk.

The gym's vibrant atmosphere fosters a supportive community, where people cheer you on and provide feedback to encourage each other's progress. It's also an excellent meeting place for like-minded climbers who share a passion for this activity.

Damjang is open daily from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. It closes at 8 p.m. on weekends.

The cost of a one-day trial class is 30,000 won, which includes the necessary basic equipment for beginners. If you prefer to use the facilities independently without attending classes, a one-day pass is available for 20,000 won.

Ttukseom Han River swimming pool (Seoul Metropolitan Government) Ttukseom Han River swimming pool (Seoul Metropolitan Government)

Splash around Han River swimming pool this summer

Seoul’s public swimming pools and water playgrounds by the Han River are opening this weekend to help people beat the scorching heat and humidity without leaving the city.

Outdoor pools along the Han River will open this Friday and operate through Aug. 20, according to the Seoul Metropolitan Government.

Pools near Ttukseom, Gwangnaru, Yeouido and Jamwon and the water playground in Nanji and Yanghwa will open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. every day.

Don’t forget that pools near Mangwon and Jamsil Han River won’t open this year due to construction. They will reopen next year.

Ttukseom swimming pool is closest to public transportation -- Ttukseom Park Station on Subway Line No. 7 -- and is equipped with a 4 meter-high aqua ring where visitors can stand under a torrent of water. Visitors are also invited to bring their own inflatables to enjoy a relaxing float around a pool with flowing water, while Ttukseom also offers poolside tanning zones.

Gwangnaru swimming pool is suitable for families and visitors with children as they are equipped with water playground for children.

Yeouido swimming pool offers more dynamic fun, with a bouncy castle, slides and barrel rolls are prepared so the visitors can enjoy a water park-like experience.

Jamwon swimming pool will be filled with slides and other water play equipment as well as offering visitors spacious swimming areas with adults’ pool (1.5 meters in depth), youth pool (1.2 meters) and a toddler pool (0.5 meters).

All visitors are required to wear swimming caps.

Admission fees for the swimming pools are 3,000 won for children, 4,000 won for teenagers, and 5,000 won for adults.

Fees for water playgrounds in Nanji and Yanghwa are 1,000 won for children, 2,000 won for teenagers, and 3,000 won for adults. Those under six get free admission.

(Clockwise) Pollo frito, chilli plato and baleada at Cafe Dokebi cottage in Seoul (Park Yuna/The Korea Herald) (Clockwise) Pollo frito, chilli plato and baleada at Cafe Dokebi cottage in Seoul (Park Yuna/The Korea Herald)

Honduran Foods at a cottage in Huam-dong

In a narrow ally in Huam-dong, a cozy neighborhood in central Seoul, is Cafe Dokebi cottage, a restaurant offering Honduran food.

The restaurant interior is kitted out like a small cottage full of tiny cute goods.

Honduran cuisine is a fusion of Spanish, Caribbean and African cuisines. If you visit the restaurant for brunch, try baleada, a Honduran-style breakfast. The dish is composed of flour tortilla filled with mashed refried red bean paste, feta cheese, sour cream, tomato salsa and scrambled egg.

Chilli plato, a simple, healthy plate of golden rice, lettuce, red bean paste, tomato salsa, home chilly sauce, shrimp and crispy corn tortilla, is another popular dish. Another recommended dish is pollo frito, a Honduran style fried chicken leg with green garlic salsa, served with curcuma tomato rice.

A variety of drinks and desserts are available, including a non-alcoholic Mojito and fried banana with ice cream.