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Chengdu Cultural Tourism Promotion Conference Comes to Seoul, and attends the opening ceremony of the 2023 East Asian Cultural City Chonju, Korea Year


Published : April 28, 2023 - 15:10

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CHENGDU,China, April 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On April 25, the "Chengdu,a park city at the foot of the snow mountains, bloom vividly in the hustle and bustle -- 2023 Chengdu Cultural Tourism Korea Special Promotion" opened in Seoul, South Korea, hosted by Chengdu Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau and GoChengdu participated in the event. Representatives of Seoul's local tourism association and tourism industry attended the event. Representatives from Chengdu China attend the opening ceremony of the 2023 East Asian Cultural City Chonju Event Year on Monday.

Live at the event
Live at the event

"China and South Korea as well as Chengdu and Seoul are each other's important tourist sources. At the time of the recovery of the global tourism industry, we also hope to take this opportunity to strengthen the interaction of the two cultural and tourism markets through cooperation, expand the development space, and promote cultural and tourism resources to each other." Chengdu's representative mentioned in his speech that as a famous cultural city of East Asia, Chengdu's rich cultural and culinary resources are important reasons for its booming tourism.

"Now the tourism is recovering and the industry is starting to get warmer." Seung-heon Baek, vice president of the Korea Tourism Industry Association, made a speech at the presentation, saying, over the past three years, global exchanges between countries have been hindered, and tourism exchanges between Korea and China have decreased. "I sincerely hope that the tourism exchanges between our two countries will resume through this event."

At the meeting, Chengdu International Media Co., Ltd. and Korea General Travel Industry Association, Chengdu News Travel Agency Co., Ltd. and Korea Lotte Tourism Co., Ltd. held a cooperation signing ceremony.

Invited by the organizing committee of the 2023 Chonju City of East Asian Culture Event Year, representatives from Chengdu attended the opening ceremony of the event year on Monday. The theme of this Year is "City of Culture for a Millennium, Meet the Pride of Chonju City". It aims to promote cultural exchanges and cooperation in East Asia and enhance mutual understanding and trust.

Live at the event
Live at the event

In order to fully display the Tianfu culture, Chengdu set up a special booth of cultural and creative crafts at the opening ceremony, displaying the most distinctive national intangible cultural heritage items, such as Shu brocade, Shu embroidery, Chongzhou bamboo weaving, etc., as well as Rong Bao, the mascot of The Chengdu 2021 Summer Universiade, cultural and creative products of the Universiade, etc. During the event, Chonju Mayor Woo Fan-ki, Chonju City Council Chairman Lee Ki-tong, Chinese Consul General in Gwangju Zhang Seung-gang, and Jeong Jun-ho, executive chairman of the Chonju International Film Festival, and other guests visited the booth in Chengdu and enjoyed the giant pandas and other cultural and creative products on display.

Chengdu and  Chonju both are well-known cultural cities of East Asia. Chengdu is the birthplace of ancient Shu civilization. It has been ranked as the "happiest City in China" for 14 consecutive years, and is the world famous "home of pandas" and the city of gastronomy. Chonju  is home to Korea's largest traditional building complex, Hanok Village, the birthplace of  bibimbap, the iconic Korean food, and Pansori, a World Heritage site. The 2023 East Asian Cultural City Chengdu, China Event Year will be held soon. At the scene, the representative of Chengdu City said in an interview: "We sincerely invite Wendu sister city colleagues to come to chengdu, a park city located under the snow mountain, and have an immersive visit of the hustle and bustle of Chengdu."