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Bali Safari Park Offers a Fun-Filled Family Adventure for Your Next Holiday


Published : April 19, 2023 - 15:10

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BALI, Indonesia, April 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Looking for a fun way to bond with your kids on holiday? Bali Safari Park offers plenty of activities that your family will surely enjoy! From close-up interactions with wildlife to educational programs, unique dining experiences, and exciting rides, there's something for everyone at Bali Safari Park.

"One of our main goals at Bali Safari Park is to provide unforgettable experiences for families and children," says Inneke Ficianirum, Head of Marketing at Bali Safari Park. " Our park is not only a fun destination but also an educational one, where children can learn about wildlife conservation and caring for animals. We invite families to come and discover the magic of Bali Safari Park, where adventure awaits around every corner."

Close-up Interaction with the Wildlife

One of the best things to do with kids in Bali is to get up close and personal with the park's exotic animals. Your kids can interact freely with rabbits, elephants, giraffes, and meerkats through various animal feeding activities. Not only is it a great way to fulfill their innocent wishes, but it's also an educational way to teach them about caring for animals.

Plenty of Educational Programs

Bali Safari Park also provides educational programs that are perfect for kids. The Animals Show, Tiger Show, and Elephant Show will showcase the intelligence and empathy of many exotic animals that kids love. Moreover, the unique tour inside the wide enclosure known as Safari Journey will surely redefine the kids' safari experience. Riding an exclusive safari tram led by experienced tour guides on board, these great activities will take the kids to learn about the wildlife from Indonesia, India, and Africa from a fun perspective.

Unique Dining Experience

The Tsavo Lion Restaurant offers a close encounter with the Lions. Full-length glass panels surrounding the restaurant allow your kids to safely observe the pride of Lions strolling around the exhibit. Watching the meerkats running in and out of their burrows can be a surefire way to keep the little kids entertained during lunch. It gives a truly unique experience no other restaurants in Bali can offer!

African Wildlife View at the Lodge

If you want to extend your stay, the Mara River Safari Lodge is the perfect place to spend the night. As the only African-themed hotel in Bali, the lodge is authentically designed and crafted to enhance the best safari experience. The kids will be amazed by the massive lion's roaring in the morning or when they step out onto the balcony to watch African herbivores grazing only a short distance away

Water Play Zone and Fun Rides on Summer Day!

After strolling around the park, our pool is probably suitable for the kids to cool off from the heat by swimming. It is the best activities idea with your kids, whether playing in the Water Play Zone which is equipped with fun slides and a water playground. They can also enjoy exciting rides in the Fun Zone, such as the Spinning Coaster, Go Go Bouncer, and Flume Ride, which will certainly pump up their adrenaline!

Explore the Rainforest Trail 

Embark on a new attraction at Bali Safari Park, the Rainforest Trail, the one and only rainforest in Bali! Take a journey through a lush and vibrant rainforest. This immersive experience is a must-see for nature lovers and offers an unforgettable experience for the whole family.

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