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Viviz blazes charisma and attitude with 3rd EP 'VarioUS'

By Choi Ji-won

Published : Feb. 1, 2023 - 15:56

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K-pop group Viviz poses for picture during the press conference for its 3rd EP K-pop group Viviz poses for picture during the press conference for its 3rd EP "VarioUS" held in Seoul on Tuesday. (BPM Entertainment)

K-pop girl group Viviz is back to boast a new spectrum of colors with its third EP "VarioUS."

The members -- Eunha, SinB and Umji -- held a media showcase in Seoul on Tuesday ahead of the album's release scheduled at 6 p.m.

Stressing "v" and "us" in the name, the new album is packed with various new aspects of Viviz that had not been unveiled before.

"The album embodies the fierce side of Viviz, which we've only been able to get a glimpse at through sidetracks and special performances. We used black as the main color of the album to portray a chic and powerful aura," Umji said.

"VarioUS" is a six-track collection fronted by the lead single "Pull Up," which catches the ears with its addictive melody and brass sound on top of a groovy bass. The lyrics blast arrogant people who judge others based on subjective standards.

"The song takes cute yet gratifying revenge on people who talk behind our backs. For those of you who've felt angered by such people, we pay them back for you in the music video," Eunha said.

On the song's message, Eunha said she is not the type of person who cares about what others think of her. Umji disagreed, saying she received some help from the song's message.

"I think it's different how we should react to such noise surrounding us. Some advice is worth listening to, but to others we just need to say, 'Thanks, but I'll do it myself,'" Umji said. "This song makes us think that sometimes it's okay to not think too deeply about a matter and be stressed over it. Hopefully, it could be a solution for some listeners," she added.

Viviz dives into more musical diversity through the album's five B-side tracks, "Blue Clue," "Love or Die," "Vanilla Sugar Killer," "Overdive" and "So Special."

Concept image of Viviz's 3rd EP Concept image of Viviz's 3rd EP "VarioUS" (BPM Entertainment)

Umji said the new album and its concept felt timely for her and the group.

"I think we took up a style in this album that is right for our age and experience," the 24-year-old said, adding: "If I were to have tried the concept for 'Pull Up' at a younger age, I would have given my best shot but it would have felt more confusing. Now, with more experience and confidence, it was fun thinking and researching how I could better convey the music and its concept and pull out what I have inside me. I felt I could really enjoy the concept because it came to me now."

The trio is set to celebrate their first anniversary soon as a group. The members themselves have been K-pop musicians for nine years. Their careers began with GFriend, a six-piece girl group that debuted in 2015 under Source Music. With the unexpected disbandment of GFriend in 2021 after the agency was acquired by Hybe, Umji, Eunha and SinB came together to debut again as Viviz in 2022.

Many old groups such as Kara, Girls' Generation and 2PM have reunited in recent years to celebrate milestone anniversaries. When asked whether GFriend has any such plan, the members refrained from giving a sure answer.

"When we debuted last year as Viviz, we didn't consider this group as an extension of GFriend, but as a solid new group on its own. Our opinion cannot represent GFriend, and we're cautious on speaking on behalf of the group," Eunha said.

SinB added, "All of us will continue to strive for what we do now, and if there comes a chance for us to reunite as GFriend, we will do so then. As of now, we will work hard as Viviz."

Rookies they may be as Viviz, the three members exuded charisma and confidence from their years of experience.

"It's insane how time has flown by so fast. We're still spending every day like it's our best day. Every year has been special and all our activities have nourished us. I'm looking forward to the anniversaries to come," Umji said.

About their anticipations for the new year, SinB said, "The past year has honestly been a really grateful year and we tried to shine vividly, just like our name Viviz -- which means 'vivid' and 'days(z).' In the coming year, we hope to live up to the name of this album, 'various,' and unfold our versatility."