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[K-Wellness] Cultivating the cradle of sophisticated policy design

‘We will create a policy think tank designed to improve quality of people’s lives through collaboration with central, local governments, as well as National Assembly and local councils’

By Korea Herald

Published : Dec. 19, 2022 - 10:29

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Han Ki-young, director of the Policy Design Center at Seokyeong University Han Ki-young, director of the Policy Design Center at Seokyeong University

Professor Han Ki-young, who holds a Ph.D. in political science and heads the Policy Design Center at Seokyeong University, said he will remain fully dedicated to developing various policies and conducting research activities oriented toward the public sector.

In particular, he shared his aspirations to contribute to national development by building a research platform for welfare policies for each life cycle related to people's lives, politics and party innovation.

“Through a range of human networks, I will serve to fulfill a role in helping administrative and legislative bodies develop and implement policies,” Han said. “I will contribute to addressing the pending issues in Korea such as a low birthrate, aging society and local extinction.”

The area in which the Policy Design Center at Seokyeong University has displayed interest recently is the welfare policy for each part of the life cycle.

He is determined to design innovative policies for every aspect of people's lives, including pregnancy and childbirth, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood and old age.

To this end, starting in 2023 he will work with the Ministry of Health and Welfare and affiliated organizations to conduct various outsourced research activities. He repeatedly emphasized his plan to propose policies to the National Assembly as well as central and local governments and councils to allow people to lead healthy, safe lives from cradle to grave.

He maintains a great interest especially in policy for young adults, having served as a member of the Seoul Metropolitan Council and a proportional representative for young adults. He has also served as a legislation researcher at the National Election Commission and gained experience in politics and public office related to political parties.

Based on this extensive range of experience, he mounted a challenge to lead Seoul’s Mapo-gu in the local elections in June. Although he was ultimately defeated by the incumbent head of the district in the election, the experience was not in vain.

“I received a round of applause for the daring decisions and challenges as a young politician in Mapo-gu, my second hometown,” Han said. “I believe it will be a great groundwork for further policy development and research activities.”

For the time being, the Policy Design Center director will work as an educational leader and policy designer at the university to cultivate young students and regain his policy and political strength.

Han’s passion and confidence as a young adult as well as the professor’s experience and sophistication emanating from his extensive experience are sure to shape his bright future.

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