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[Herald Interview] Just B bids farewell to ‘Rage’ trilogy, starts new journey through ‘Just Begun’

By Park Jun-hee

Published : April 14, 2022 - 10:15

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Boy band Just B poses during a group interview on Friday. (Bluedot Entertainment) Boy band Just B poses during a group interview on Friday. (Bluedot Entertainment)

Less than a year since the group’s debut, rookie boy band Just B hopped onto the April music craze with its second EP, “Just Begun,” which is to be released Thursday evening. This marks a return from the sextet nearly six months after its previous work, “Just Beat,” released in October.

It’s unusual for a rookie band to be away for months, since they must get their name out to the public. But it took the sextet six months to add value to their musical career.

Jimin expressed his excitement about dropping a new album, saying he’s thrilled to showcase new music and performances for fans.

“I’m happy that we are back in six months, and as much as our fans have waited for us, we’ve worked hard on this album,” he said in a group interview Friday.

Speaking about the new mini-album, Doyum said the five-song package is built on feelings of rage. He said “Just Begun” marks the end of the band’s “Rage” trilogy. And as the title suggests, it signals the start of Just B’s new beginning.

The band’s previous two recordings -- its first EP, “Just Burn,” and digital single “Just Beat” -- unfolded stories of their internal and external anger. But Geonu said that this time, Just B aims to overcome the fury expressed in those past two works and step into a new world by ending the three-part series.

Among the many keywords, Bain thinks only two words best describe the new album: “start” and “end.” He said that the trilogy has ended, but it could also mean the start of the band’s upcoming album, hinting that they won’t be gone long for a break after their four-week promotion.

Leading the album is “Re=Load,” which Bain described as “a song with powerful guitar sounds with a powerful performance.” He said that the strong guitar sounds of the song just clicked, and that he looked forward to the band’s stage performance after hearing the track.

“We plan to recharge ourselves with energy to come back with better performances next time. That’s why we named the title track ‘Re=Load,’” he added.

JM chimed in, saying that he first got the music file while taking a walk and opened up about his first impression of the song. “My body just started moving to the music as soon as I listened to it. At that time, I had one thing in mind: I want to be on stage with this song as soon as possible.”

Also, Doyum listed himself as a lyricist, writing the words to the lead track. Asked how he took part, Doyum said he always wanted to widen his musical horizons and expressed hopes that listeners would be able to feel the dynamics in “Re=Load.”

Other tracks that make up the album are: “Dash!,” “Lights On,” “Make It New” and “Don’t Go Back.”

Going back to the main song, Doyum shared an episode of how he came up with the lyrics. 

(Bluedot Entertainment) (Bluedot Entertainment)

“I don’t know why, but I had this confidence for some reason when I penned the song. There’s a line that goes, ‘What more do you want? The real one is here.’ As much as this track is powerful, I thought it would be nice to blend in the energy, so the words to the song show our confidence.”

Gushing about the new album, Doyum went on to say that apart from the main track, the other four side tracks talk about how the band fades out from the “Rage” series, making their next steps to the next chapter.

“It’s something fans should pay attention to, and we are excited to show our story,” he added.”

With the up-and-coming band’s first anniversary nearing, Geonu said he couldn’t believe that he had been walking the same path with fans for almost a year.

“I think we’ve matured with fans over time, and we want to show better performances. I’m excited about what will be waiting for us in the future, and there are many things that I want to do. That’s all I can think of right now.”

Jimin piped in, saying that it’s a bummer they can‘t meet fans in person due to strict restrictions. “Since we made our debut after the pandemic broke out, we’ve only met fans three times. So, last year was a little disappointing in terms of how we couldn’t meet them face to face.

All in all, Geonu said he hopes to show different sides of the band through music and off the stage.

“We might give off a strong image, but we are very different when not on stage. Hopefully, we’ll be able to try other concepts in the future.”