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[Video] Jung Sung-ha after 16 years

By Kim Young-won

Published : Oct. 29, 2021 - 11:25

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When Sungha Jung’s dad taught his 9-year-old son to play a basic C chord on the guitar, he didn’t expect that his son would soon be performing with global pop star Jason Mraz and guitar virtuosos Tommy Emmanuel and Kotaro Oshio.

From ‘legendary guitarist’ to ‘the first Korean YouTuber with 1 million subscribers,’ Sungha is known for his unique journey as a guitarist and YouTuber.

From behind the scene stories to future plans, we caught up with Sungha who recently returned from his military service.
Sungha played a few songs for Konnect viewers, including his upcoming song!

00:00 Highlights
01:19 Pirates of the Caribbean
02:27 The first time he played the guitar
03:11 Playing the guitar with his wrist?!
04:30 How Jung started YouTube
07:06 How many guitars does Jung have?
07:58 Favorite collaboration?
09:41 Jung, 10 yrs. ago and now
10:11 Being a guitarist with most subscribers
11:39 Secret behind consistency
13:24 Jung's recent works
16:05 ‘Dreaming’, unreleased song
19:34 What are fans to you?
21:06 Playing a game with the legendary guitarist
26:29 Message to fans
27:21 ‘Flaming’
29:11 Jung show what guitar really is!