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Dreamcatcher thinks “BEcause” can defeat the scorching heat

By Park Jun-hee

Published : July 30, 2021 - 19:34

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(Dreamcatcher Company) (Dreamcatcher Company)

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher is set to release a new summer special EP, “Summer Holiday,” Friday evening.

Fronted by lead track “BEcause,” the six-song package aims to alleviate music lovers’ pandemic fatigue and, most importantly, to bring the septet closer to the public, its members said during an online media showcase.

“We’ve prepared several songs to let InSomnias all over the world feel the summer breeze just by listening to them,” said Gahyun, referring to the band’s official fandom.

The performers said the main song was about “how too much affection has caused love to grow into an obsession.”

They added that by blending their voices with string sounds, the music created an eerie atmosphere and conveyed an occult mood. Fans can enjoy the “dreamy yet dark vibes,” they said, and defeat the scorching summer heat.

Bandmate Si-yeon likened the song to a summer horror special, a popular TV choice during the sweatiest season. “It’s like opening the door to the horror special one fine day,” she said.

SuA said the song was like “roaming around an old dollhouse” with a creepy vibe.

When asked what they’d emphasized the most in the album, the musicians said it was a ghostly and mysterious look.

“If you see the prereleased picture of our album, it’s dark. And I had a witch-like hairband tailored for me, which was something that I had never done before,” SuA said.

Si-yeon said the black nails and black outfits made the band look scarier and more intimidating, and Dami said she’d tried to deviate from her usual bright look by donning ombre hair.

Speaking about the new release, Si-yeon said her line “I like you” was a confession of love. Main vocalist JiU said her “Forever love” conveyed energetic love as well. Yoo-hyeon said the “scissoring choreography” highlighted their new track and asked fans to figure out how many moves there were.

The septet said they’d taken a leap of faith by spelling out “love” in their latest beat. Yoo-hyeon said one of the biggest changes from Dreamcatcher’s usual material was the new album’s focus on affection. “We blended in the term ‘love’ in our track and interwove it with our voices, making our summer special even more unique,” she said.

The EP was more than just a summer special for JiU, whose name was listed as a composer for “Alldaylong.” She said she’d been inspired by city pop and had wanted to meld the genre into the group. “I’m into listening to city pop these days and thought it would be nice to make a Dreamcatcher-like city pop track, which would widen our group’s music genre and garner more attention from the public,” JiU said.

When asked how they planned to control the music scene, the seven said they were ready to fizz this summer with their own “color and narrative.”

“I know a lot of acts are ready to splash the August music charts, but our eerie yet refreshing song will be able to wash away the sweat and heat,” Handong said.