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Swiss Watch Brand Armin Strom Introduces The "Tribute 1": A Modern Reinterpretation of the Haute Horology Dress Watch

Swiss Watch Brand Armin Strom Introduces The

BIEL/BIENNE, Switzerland, June 15, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Armin Strom today announced the introduction of a new timepiece that reinterprets the classic dress watch. "We believe that exceptional hand-finishing, presented in the context of a modern aesthetic sensibility, is the key to a modern dress watch revival" said Claude Greisler, Master Watchmaker and co-founder of the revitalized Armin Strom about the new 'Tribute 1'.

ARMIN STROM Tribute 1 FE Beauty
ARMIN STROM Tribute 1 FE Beauty

A Contrarian Bet On A Modern Dress Watch Revival:
"At a time when so many of us have spent so long without formal social interaction, the end of the pandemic represents a return to normal life and the luxury of social gatherings. Our introduction of a dress watch is an expression of that hope for the future" said Serge Michel, co-founder. "A dress watch may seem contrarian right now, but we've learned to trust our instincts. Years ago, we were told that there was no economic model to justify a low-volume independent watchmaker bringing all of its fabrication in-house; because the equipment is expensive and requires a lot of space. We did it anyway - and that decision paid off. Today we have the luxury of continuing to follow our passion. The 'Tribute 1' isn't just a manifestation of that passion, it's a 'tribute' to it. It's also our tribute to the classic haute horology dress watch, updated from a modern perspective."

Exceptional Haute Horology Finishing:
"I've been obsessed with this timepiece, particularly its finishing" said Greisler. "Just hand-polishing the white gold barrel bridge takes us over 12 hours to complete. The polishing of the hands is similarly time-consuming. The gear chain bridge is beveled and polished in 60° - a complex process demands twice the effort. The barrel is also hand-polished. The movement is adorned with Côtes de Genève; with a circular-grained mainplate and jewel sinks that are polished to gleaming perfection. It's also more classic than my recent designs," said Greisler, "with a diameter of 38mm and a height of just 9mm. The crown is located at 2 o'clock; a nod to modern design that enhances wearer comfort."

Technical Distinction:
The motor barrel is unusual as its arbor turns around the mainspring within the barrel itself; making it more efficient while conserving space. It provides 100 hours of operation.

Pricing And Availability:
Priced at an intentionally-accessible price of CHF 13,900, this inaugural limited-edition of 25 watches is distinguished by its white gold barrel bridge and 10-year warranty.

System 78 Collection:
The 'Tribute 1' is the latest offering in the 'System 78' collection, the entry point to the Armin Strom brand. It embodies the sensibilities of the co-founders of the revitalized Armin Strom, who were both born in 1978.

About Armin Strom AG
Armin Strom AG is an independent watch brand based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Its timepieces represent a unique fusion of the Swiss-German horological tradition, avant-garde 'transparent mechanics' and an unwavering commitment to horological innovation. The hallmark of Armin Strom's low-volume, artisanal approach to watchmaking is a commitment to exposed dial-side movement mechanics, with every part hand-finished to the highest haute-horology standards.

Established in 1967 by Mr. Armin Strom, stewardship of the brand was transferred to Master-Watchmaker Claude Greisler and Businessman Serge Michel in 2006. They established Armin Strom AG's first fully-integrated Manufacture in 2009; enabling the brand to bring even its most complicated ideas to life without any of the compromises that typically stem from reliance on a supply chain.

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