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[Herald Interview] Kim Jun-su returns as red-haired Count Dracula

By Park Yuna

Published : June 15, 2021 - 16:15

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Musical actor Kim Jun-su (C-JeS Entertainment) Musical actor Kim Jun-su (C-JeS Entertainment)

The musical “Dracula: The Musical” has been an all-time hit since it premiered in 2014 with Kim Jun-su, a former lead vocalist of the popular boy band TVXQ and now a veteran musical actor of 10 years, in the leading role.

His hair dyed a bright red color again -- Kim’s signature look for his Count Dracula character -- the actor stood on the stage for the musical’s fourth season which kicked off on May 20 at the Blue Square in Seoul. The red-colored hair was intended to show his own “hysterical and psychotic” Dracula, Kim said.

“I would say the Korean version of the musical ‘Dracula’ is of the best quality among other Dracula musicals around the world. I am proud to have joined the musical since the beginning,” Kim said during an online press interview on Monday.

Kim feels pressure every season because he feels like he has to give a different impression to the audiences who have been attending the show regularly since the premiere. Fans of the musical have given Kim the nickname “Xiacul,” combining his former stage name “Xia” from his TVXQ days and “Dracula” for his outstanding presence in the show.

“The ‘Dracula: The Musical’ is special for me because it made me widely known as a musical actor. I am very determined every time I go up to the stage. I feel much pressure with the thought that I have to show my own ‘Xiacul’ character and meet the audiences’ expectations each new season,” he said.

The musical “Dracula: The Musical” is based on the titular Bram Stoker novel and the score was written by American songwriter Frank Wildhorn. The show runs until Aug. 1.

Since debuting as a musical actor in 2010 with “Mozart!,“ Kim has made more than 400 appearances on musical stages, performing eight characters in different musical productions, most of them in the fantasy genre.

The “enormous synergy” created in a musical with fantasy elements is what draws Kim to the production, he said.

“As a big fan of musical shows, I am particularly impressed when fantasy elements are added to a piece. I think that is why I have been attracted to that type of musical when I choose pieces,” he said.

Kim, however, is hoping he will be able to take on a new challenge for his next work.

“I really want to play a bright character because all the musicals I have performed so far have a sort of sad ending. I am also a good dancer so maybe I can do some dancing as well,” Kim said.

As a popular singer, Kim is also planning to work on an album when he can.

“I am a singer before I am a musical actor. I know many fans are waiting for my next album so I will try hard for my fans to release an album,” he said.

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