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[Today’s K-pop] Kang Daniel compares new album to diary

By Hwang You-mee

Published : April 13, 2021 - 19:25

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(Credit: Konnect Entertainment) (Credit: Konnect Entertainment)

Kang Daniel talked about his third EP, “Yellow,” at a media conference held in southern Seoul on Tuesday.

It had only been two months since his single “Paranoia,” and he explained that the EP had been completed first but was so strong that he’d decided to put out the single first.

“(The EP) has been in the planning for a long time and is like a diary that holds things I’ve been wanting to say,” he said.

“Yellow” is the third and last installment of his color series. To him, yellow is not a bright color but is cold and makes him take time to think on his own.

Even though the overall ambiance of the EP is rather dark, it reflects the musician’s own healing process -- Kang took some time off due to depression and anxiety.

“After ‘Magenta,’ I wanted to mature in terms of music. Now I’d want to show ‘completion,’” he went on, confiding that this EP felt like a confession and making it gave him a sense of satisfaction.

Mamamoo’s Wheein discusses solo debut EP

(Credit: RBW Entertainment) (Credit: RBW Entertainment)

Wheein of Mamamoo came out with her first solo EP, “Redd,” on Tuesday.

“I’ve been more serene and sentimental before, but this time I wanted to express my own colors, dazzling and diverse,” she said. As a band member her focus has been dance music, but as a soloist she’s chosen mainly ballads so far.

With the teaser trailer for “Water Color,” she gave fans a sneak peek at her change to new jack swing.

“It is a song about myself,” she said, adding that the highlight is the part where she declares that everything goes with her.

“I’ve really wanted to write a song about my pet cat and one for my fans, and am happy that both songs are included in this (EP),” said Wheein, who participated in writing the lyrics for “Afternoon” and “Spring to You.”

Twice’s Momo, Sana mark 9th anniversary with agency

(Credit: JYP Entertainment) (Credit: JYP Entertainment)

Momo and Sana of Twice celebrated their ninth anniversary of joining the label JYP Entertainment on Tuesday.

They uploaded a series of pictures on the band’s Instagram account and said: “It already is the ninth anniversary of MoSa joining the company. We found out thanks to Once who reminded us. ... Thank you for congratulating us. ... Be with us from now on as well.” Once is the name of its official fandom.

Twice debuted with “The Story Begins” in October 2015 and celebrated its 2,000-day anniversary last week. On Monday “Yes or Yes,” the title track from its sixth EP, amassed 300 million views on YouTube. It was the nine-piece act’s ninth video to reach that milestone.

In May, the band will release its eighth Japanese single, “Kura Kura.”

I.O.I to reunite for 5th anniversary 

(Credit: YMC Entertainment) (Credit: YMC Entertainment)

I.O.I will mark the fifth anniversary of its debut with a live broadcast next month, according to media reports on Tuesday.

The 11-member group was formed in 2016 through the audition program “Produce 101” and disbanded in January 2017. There was an attempt to revive it as a nine-piece act a few years ago, but that fell through.

But the bandmates promised to meet again on whatever platform for the fifth anniversary of the 2016 showcase of their second EP, “Miss Me?” and will make a joint appearance May 4 to keep that promise to fans.

Some of the members, including Kyulkyung and Kang Mina, will not be able to attend in person due to prior commitments but are looking for ways to join the livestream.

By Hwang You-mee