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Exhibition of Jamunbak artists kicks off in central Seoul

By Park Yuna

Published : March 5, 2021 - 17:14

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"Translated Vase” by Yee Soo-kyung (Gana Art Center)

Gana Foundation for Arts and Culture opened an exhibition Friday to introduce the artists of Jamunbak.

Jamunbak refers to a region outside the Jahamun Gate – one of eight gates of the Seoul Fortress Wall in Pyeongchang-dong Jongno-gu – where many artists, including painters, sculptors, novelists and musicians, live or work in their studios.

Nearly 200 artists reside in the region, as well as 100 art institutes, according to Gana Art Center.

The exhibition is part of the Jamunbak Museum Project at Gana Art Center in Seoul -- hosted by the Gana Foundation for Arts and Culture and supported by Jamunbak Cultural Forum and the Jongno-gu Office.

The project was created as a long-term initiative to support the activities of Jamunbak artists and its main goal is to create cultural facilities like museums in the region.

The exhibition that opened on Friday is the second part of the two part show and it introduces works from 12 contemporary artists including Lee Bae, Yee Soo-kyung, Lim Ok-sang, Ahn Kyu-chul, Choi Young-wook and Park Byung-hyun at Gana Art Center in Pyeongchang-dong.

The exhibition runs through March 28 and the entrance fee is 3,000 won.

The first part of the exhibition featured work from masters of Korea’s contemporary art such as Kim Tchang-yeul, Park Seo-bo, Ha Chong-hyun and Yoo Young-kuk.

Also, as part of this project, the Jamunbak home of Kim Tchang-yeul, a master of Korea’s contemporary art who died in January at the age of 91, will be turned into his memorial art museum later this year. 

The Culture Map of Jamunbak (Gana Art Center) The Culture Map of Jamunbak (Gana Art Center)

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