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[Herald Interview] Katie releases future R&B track “Echo”

By Yim Hyun-su

Published : April 24, 2020 - 18:07

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Katie released new single “ECHO” on April 24. (AXIS) Katie released new single “ECHO” on April 24. (AXIS)
Katie has released her new single “Echo,” 11 months after her first EP “Log.”

On the bass-heavy up-tempo track, she sings about “having a crush, sending a signal and hoping for the same response back,” the singer explained.

Born out of a songwriting session in LA with the producers behind her hit single “Remember,” the new single is future R&B made out of sad minor chords juxtaposed against rhythmic verse, complete with bouncing distorted guitar riffs.

Ahead of its release, we spoke via email to the singer, who lives in Los Angeles, about hew new song, the $300,000 music video and her life.

Korea Herald: It’s been roughly a year since we last met at the Axis office in Seoul. How have you been?

Katie: A lot has changed. I live in the States now and many things have come and gone. The change of environment definitely had a huge impact on me.

KH: “Echo” sounds similar to your previous singles, yet different. It’s as soulful, but also more rhythmic. Do you think it’s a little bit of a departure or more of a continuation of your last EP “Log”?

Katie: It definitely sounds different from my EP. To be honest, I’m not sure if it’s a departure from or a continuation of “Log.” It’s kind of lighter and faster in tempo than what I’d usually go for. It’s Better suited for the daytime now. (haha)

KH: It’s another love song. Do you enjoy and relate to singing about love?

Katie: Yes, another love song. I think I end up doing a lot of love songs because they are easy for people to relate to. I personally want to sing more about what’s in my head all day and things I fight with, within myself.

KH: Let’s talk about the highly anticipated music video now that you’ve been teasing us on Instagram. Tell us about filming the video.

Katie: It was shot somewhere in the desert in California. It was with the same MV crew and director as the “Remember” video. It was a fun memory for me because I really loved the team I was working with at the time. Although it was hot and uncomfortable out in the desert, it was bearable because of the people I was surrounded with.

KH: I heard Kyle Hanagami choreographed your new video. What was it like having a dance element in your video?

Katie: It was really cool. Since it’s way faster of a song than what I am used to, I think having that interesting visual element was really important, and he did an amazing job.

KH: You’ve been blessing us with some great covers on your channel. Who have you been listening to lately? Share your playlist please.

Katie: I actually have been lazy with my music-digging and surfing these days. I’ve been just tuning into classical channels on the radio to help me relax.

KH: What do you do when you stay home in your spare time?

Katie: I like to spend time with my dogs. And I try to get crafty with little DIY projects from YouTube. Or just be lost in the clouds doing nothing.

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