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Apink celebrates 9th anniversary with new single

Apink released a new single, “Dumhdurum,” Monday.

“Dumhdurum” leads “Look,” the group’s ninth EP since its start in 2011. The dance-driven song, which blends an Asian sound with a Spanish vibe, was written by famous K-pop producer duo Black Eyed Pilseung, the mastermind behind Apink’s previous hits “I’m So Sick” and “Eung Eung.” 

Thriving on the addictive hook “Dumhdurum rumhdururum,” the song is about accepting a broken romance with a placid mindset. 

Apink (Plan A Entertainment)
Apink (Plan A Entertainment)

“We are really satisfied with the new song, as it was written by the producers (Black Eyed Pilseung) who know our color pretty well. Since they always write songs having Apink members and our fans on their minds, we were relieved even before the song came out,” said band leader Chorong in a statement.

Hayoung said, “With the ‘Look’ EP, we hope to remind listeners ‘This is what Apink does,’ while we also hope they’ll say, ‘This is Apink, as expected,’” adding that the album showcases the charms of all its members. According to the group’s agency, PlanA Entertainment, “Look” relays a message of “loving myself just the way I am and living a life with my own view.”

Since its debut in April 2011 with the EP “Seven Springs of Apink,” the six-piece girl group has become synonymous with bubblegum pop. While the K-pop scene saw a surge of girl power acts in the early 2010s, Apink carved out its own niche with its signature lighthearted sound. The group went on to become a regular chart topper in South Korea with breezy pop hits such as “Luv,” “NoNoNo,” “Mr. Chu” and “My My.” 

(Plan A Entertainment)
(Plan A Entertainment)

Now, at the start of its 10th year, Apink is one of the longest-running girl groups in the scene -- having survived the so-called seven-year jinx. It is customary for idols to sign management deals with agencies for about seven years upon debuting, and many groups have disbanded or lost members when their contracts expired. A handful of girl groups -- such as 2NE1, Sistar and Miss A -- disbanded even before the seven-year mark. Even Girls’ Generation, which debuted earlier than Apink, is on hiatus while its members pursue solo activities.

But Apink, still boasting family-like teamwork, stood the test of time and has only grown stronger. For the first time in its career, Apink made a drastic sonic shift with “I’m So Sick” in July 2018, having matured from the angelic sound the band became known for in its early years. The group kept showing its charismatic side with “Eung Eung” in January last year and successfully shed its innocent image.

Commenting on that huge change of direction, Eunji said, “We’ve been contemplating changing our concept for a long time, and I think it’s natural for our music to change as we grow up. We are trying to express our own vibe in the most natural way.” “Dumhdurum” also follows the legacy of its sonic transition.

Looking back on the past decade, Chorong said, “Time flies so fast as always. We are now on our 10th year, but we are still thirsty for a new album and music just like our early days. It’s a great happiness to collect memories with fans along with our precious albums.”

Namjoo said, “There are new sides of us that haven’t been shown yet, so please look forward to them.”

Apink is set to hold a showcase for the new album via Naver’s V Live later in the day.

The seven-track EP also features dance song “Yummy,” unit tracks “Be Myself” and “Love is Blind,” ballad “Overwrite” and “Moment,” a fan song celebrating the group’s ninth anniversary.

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