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AleXa releases electrifying first EP “Do Or Die”

(ZB Label)
(ZB Label)
Singer AleXa released her very first EP “Do Or Die” on Wednesday.

Featuring a total of eight tracks including the lead single “Do Or Die” and her previously single “Bomb,” the EP encompasses all of her work she’s released since her official debut last October and more.

“Do Or Die” also features a EDM remix version of her debut single “Bomb” -- a stomping, bombastic pop song with a heavy dose of electro beats that helped her make a splash in the music scene.

The opening track “A.I Trooper” is a powerful electropop tune, titled after the name that she gives her fans.

“Kitty Run” is a brand new track, which was inspired by none other than the famous animated franchise “Tom and Jerry.”

“You’re in the way. … You’ll be the prey,” the 23-year-old singer sings in the beat-heavy track as the lyrics allude to hunting.

The physical edition of the EP comes with a DVD that features the videos for “A.I Trooper,” “Do Or Die” and “Bomb.”

Having competed on reality competition show “Produce 48,” the singer doesn’t fall short on dancing and her cyberpunk-inspired music videos had racked up over 20 million views as of Monday.

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