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MBC’s ‘365 Repeat the Year’ starts time slip adventure

By Lim Jang-won

Published : March 24, 2020 - 10:57

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The cast of “365 Repeat the Year” pose during a press conference on Monday. (MBC) The cast of “365 Repeat the Year” pose during a press conference on Monday. (MBC)

Reset was the theme of “365 Repeat the Year” as the new MBC drama started its 24-episode series.

Beginning in the present, the characters go through life-changing tragedies that make each of them miserable.

The main characters include Ji Hyung-ju, played by Lee Joon-hyuk, a detective who lost his closest teammate to a serial killer, and Shin Ga-hyeon, played by Nam Ji-hyun, a webcomic artist who is in a wheelchair due to a leg injury.

Along with eight others, they are called by mysterious psychiatrist Lee Shin, played by Kim Ji-soo, to go back to exactly a year ago, with their memories of the present intact in a process called “reset.”

As the 10 people go back in time to fix their lives, some win the lottery and others invest in stocks. Ji saves his teammate, and Shin avoids the accident.

The first two episodes ended with them called together again by Lee Shin to find out one of the 10 has died.

In a press conference to promote the series on Monday, actors Lee Joon-hyuk, Nam, Kim Ji-soo and Yang Dong-geun, shared their thoughts about the drama and time traveling.

“Reading the script for an episode took me only 20 minutes, while other pieces usually take 40 minutes. The pace is very fast, and I thought if this fast pace delivers well, the drama could be very enjoyable,” said Lee. “I also thought the story unfolded very fast, which surprised me,” agreed Nam.

“As I get older, if I can go back in time, just get even one year younger, I will go back in time,” said Kim, when asked if she wanted to go back in time.

Yang jokingly said he had returned to 2020 from the future with a message that the rough times due to the coronavirus would be gone soon.

Two of the main actors did not want to go back in time, as they had worked too hard in the past year.

The Monday-Tuesday drama had viewership ratings of 4 and 4.9 percent respectively for the first two 30-minute episodes.

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