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[Graphic News] People spend average 580,000 won during Chuseok: data

According to survey data, workers will take an average 8.4 days off and spend 580,000 won during the quickly approaching 10-day Chuseok holiday.

The survey of 858 employees by Hunet, a career education institute, revealed the most common expected expenditure was 300,000 won-500,000 won, at 33.4 percent.

Another 21.4 percent said expenses will be between 500,000 won and 700,000 won. About 17.2 percent said they will spend more than 1 million won, 14.1 percent between 700,000 won and 1 million won, and 12.1 percent between 100,000 won and 300,000 won.

Nearly 45.9 percent of all expenditures will be to give gifts of cash to parents and children.

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