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Yeosu offers more than just Expo

By Korea Herald

Published : May 11, 2012 - 19:33

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Travel destinations near  Expo venue await local and foreign visitors

Make the most out of your precious time while staying at Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea: alluring travel destinations await for your visit, not so far from the Expo venues.

Most of the must-visit spots are lined up along the southern coast that connects Boseong, Suncheon and Sacheon cities as well as Yeosu. The expo’s Organizing Committee gathered 83 recommended one-day tour routes along the coast.

Here are some of the covetable destinations.

Jeonju and Namwon in North Jeolla Province ― both not far from Yeosu ― are two must-visit cities to get a good glimpse of South Korea’s traditional culture. “Bibimbap,” a dish of rice mixed with vegetables and beef, and “pansori,” a traditional form of singing, are native to the region.

A day trip starting off at Jeonju Hanok Village, a village of traditional houses, will doubtlessly give participants a strong impression about the nation’s culture.

It is recommended to visit Jeongdong Cathedral in Wansan-gun, Jeonju, often thought of as the most beautiful in Korea.

A highlight of Namwon is Gwanghalluwon, where the hero and heroine of the Korean folk tale Chunhyangjeon supposedly fell head over heels in love with each other. If you are attached to the tale, check out the nearby Chunhyang Theme Park.

Suncheon Bay located between Yeosu and Goheung is more about nature ― it offers a picturesque view of Korea’s first-ever Ramsar wetland. Composed of a huge reed field and expansive mud flat, it offers ecological wonders. The long, S-shaped estuary is another attraction. 
Suncheon Bay, Korea’s first-ever Ramsar wetland Suncheon Bay, Korea’s first-ever Ramsar wetland

The place is a natural habitat with various animals and plants including over 200 species of migratory birds that visit every year and hundreds of animal species in the mud flat. It’s easy to see peculiar species here, such as the Suaeda Japonica Makino plants, sand crabs, ghost crabs and mud skippers.

The Suncheon Bay tour offered by the Expo committee starts at the Suncheon Open Film Set where the drama “East of Eden” was filmed, moves on to Suncheon Bay Ecological Park, Suncheon Bay Craft Workshop, a great sunset viewpoint at Waon village and ends at Suncheon Bay Observatory. At the observatory, visitors can get a perfect view for bird-watching and stargazing.

Damyang in South Jeolla Province is another perfect place to escape from the bustling city and expo and relax. 
Damyang’s Juknokwon Damyang’s Juknokwon

The recommended tour includes a walk around Samjinae Village which has been preserved since the Baekje Dynasty (A.D. 18-660) and visits to Sosoewon, thought of as the most beautiful garden in the Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910) and Juknokwon, a majestic bamboo field.

If you wish to travel for more than a day, consider linking two or three routes.

The Expo website ( offers useful information on 1,385 accommodations and restaurants in and near Yeosu. To find out more about expo-recommended tour routes, click on the Tourist Info category at the main website or visit

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