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Metabolic issues linked with bladder stones

By Korea Herald

Published : Nov. 17, 2011 - 19:27

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People with metabolic syndrome are more likely to have bladder stones, a group of local researchers claimed Tuesday.

According to Dr. Park Hyeong-geun of Asan Medial Center’s research on 34,895 people over 20 years old, those suffering hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia or obesity 70 percent more likely to have bladder stones.

Bladder stones are solid masses found in the bladder. They can cause severe lower abdominal and back pain, difficult urination, frequent nocturnal urination, fever, painful urination and blood in the urine.

Metabolic syndrome is a combination of medical disorders that, when they occur together, increase the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases and diabetes. In Korea, hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and obesity are included in the syndrome.

“By preventing metabolic syndrome, one can prevent formation of bladder stones,” Park said.

The research result was released on the latest edition of the American Journal of Kidney Disease.