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Using your lunch break to get in shape

By Korea Herald

Published : Nov. 10, 2011 - 19:22

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More office workers use free time during their workdays for exercise

If your hectic work schedule is stressing you out and you cannot squeeze in time for exercise, it might be time to consider taking advantage of your lunch break.

More people are now investing their lunch time in exercise, from simply taking a walk to weight training.

Kim Ji-hye, a 35-year-old office worker at a financial institution, started to take half hour walks after quickly grabbing lunch.

“A sandwich and coffee is fine. My colleague and I started power-walking, which we find an effective exercise,” she said.

Three weeks after starting, Kim says she already feels healthier.

“I don’t feel sleepy in the afternoon and feel much more active,” she said.

Other workers go to the gym. By walking on treadmills, doing yoga or weight training, they make the most of their free time on workdays.
Women enjoy working out at a gym. More people are using their lunch break for exercise due to their tight work schedule. (MCT) Women enjoy working out at a gym. More people are using their lunch break for exercise due to their tight work schedule. (MCT)

Lee, a government employee, said she practices yoga twice a week during her lunch break. After 40-minute session, she sips tea and eats some pastries.

“I feel more balanced. It is worth my lunch break,” she said.

When walking in winter, garments should be warm enough to avoid catching a cold or flu. Wearing breathable and warm outdoor jackets is advised.

Online medical information site has some tips for women working out during their lunch break.

1. Try weight training rather than aerobic exercise: Aerobic exercise such as jogging can cause lots of sweating. Save it for another time when you can take a shower. Instead, try some weight training which involves less sweating but use lots of energy during the same period of time.

2. Try to cool off: Put a towel in a refrigerator. After exercising, massage the body with the towel gently and it will lower your body temperature. Drinking cool water will also help control your body temperature.

3. Skip the shower: Use wipes to clean sweat and take away any bad smell. For women without serious skin problems, ordinary baby wipes will do.

4. Use dry shampoo: There are several dry shampoos in the market, which helps hair appear clean without a wash. Just spray it and comb the hair. For those with relatively long hair, make a ponytail which will prevent the hair from getting wet with sweat.

5. Use waterproof mascara: Makeup is the main concern for women seeking to get in shape during lunch time. Wear waterproof mascara that will reduce the risk of makeup smudging. Still if you are not confident, apply petroleum jelly underneath the eye. If smudging occurs, you can easily wipe it off with tissue. Add additional powder on the nose, cheek and forehead areas to correct the make up.

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