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Google said to seek rights from record labels for online store


Published : Oct. 14, 2011 - 16:18

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Google Inc. is seeking agreements with record companies by the end of the month to start a music store that will compete with Apple Inc.'s iTunes, three people with knowledge of the talks said.

Google is seeking permission to sell downloads and to stream purchased music to its customers' devices, said the people, who requested anonymity because discussions are private.

Accords with record labels would help Google, the world's largest Internet-search company, extend its push into entertainment. In May, the Mountain View, California-based company added music storage and movie-rental features to its Android software for phones and tablets.

In an e-mailed statement, Google declined to comment on the discussions, which were reported earlier by the New York Times.

Google's Music Beta service, announced May 10, was started without record-company licenses. It stores users' song libraries and playlists, and suggests music based on listeners' collections. The company also offers movies for rent through the Android Market.

The move into entertainment represents an effort to diversify revenue, boost advertising sales and keep users on Google's sites longer.

Apple, based in Cupertino, California, this month introduced iCloud, a service that stores music, photos and documents online for use on Mac computers and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad.

The company is in discussions with movie studios to put films on iCloud, people with knowledge of the discussions said this week.

Google yesterday reported quarterly sales and profit that beat analysts' estimates as businesses spent more on advertising to online consumers. The shares rose 6.4 percent to $594.60 in extended trading, from a close of $558.99 in the U.S. before the results. (Bloomberg)

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구글 음악서비스, 음원 사용계약 체결 추진 중   

구글이 애플의 아이튠스에 맞서 뮤직스토어 서비스를 시작하기 위해 이달 말까지 음반사들과 음원 사용계약 체결을 추진하고 있다고 사안에 정통한 관계자들이 14일 밝혔다.

익명을 요구한 이 관계자들은 구글이 고객의 개인 기기를 통해 내려받은 음악을 판매하거나 구입한 음악을 재생할 수 있는 권한을 얻기 위해 음반사들과 협의하고 있다고 말했다.

구글은 지난 5월 사용자가 수집한 노래와 재생목록을 저장하고 이에 기초해 음악을 추천하는 음악 클라우드 서비스 '뮤직베타'를 시작했으나 당시에는 음반사들과 음원 사용 문제를 마무리 짓지 못한 상태였다.

구글은 음반사들과의 이같은 협력을 통해 오락분야까지 사업을 확장하는 데 탄력을 받을 것으로 보이며 이는 수익원의 다양화, 광고 수익 증대, 장기 사용자 확보를 위한 전략으로 풀이된다.

구글은 그러나 이메일을 통해 이에 대한 코멘트를 거부했다.