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Samsung replaces smartphone feature to bypass Dutch ban


Published : Oct. 12, 2011 - 20:44

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Samsung Electronics Co., the world's No. 2 mobile phone maker, said Wednesday that it has replaced a feature in its Galaxy smartphones to avoid a sales ban in the Netherlands.

The company, which is locked in a series of legal battles with Apple Inc. over mobile patents and design, faced a sales ban in the European country after Apple accused Samsung of violating 10 patent rights.

A Dutch court ruled in August that Samsung infringed on only one of Apple's features, which is related to browsing photos. The court issued a sales injunction on three mobile devices -- the Galaxy S, Galaxy S2 and Galaxy Ace -- effective as of this Thursday.

Samsung said it decided to use a different method of browsing pictures on smartphones and removed the feature that Dutch judges deemed as a violation of Apple's patent.

"It is regretful that (the Dutch court) accepted the injunction request but we will try our best to deliver products to customers in the Netherlands," said Samsung spokesman Kevin Jeong.

Samsung declined to say when the three devices will be launched in the Netherlands.

Samsung and Apple are entangled in lawsuits in Asia, Europe and North America, even though Samsung is Apple's key semiconductor supplier.

They are awaiting another court ruling in Australia scheduled to be announced to the public on Thursday, which will determine if Samsung can start sales of its tablet computers there.

In September, a German court ruled in favor of Apple, imposing a sales ban on the Galaxy Tab. Samsung appealed the ruling with a higher court.

The intense legal fight comes as Samsung is trying to quintuple this year's tablet PC sales from last year and narrow its gap with Apple.

Samsung has mounted the most viable challenge to Apple among global mobile phone makers, rising as the world's second-largest maker of smartphones in the second-quarter. (Yonhap News)



갤럭시 LTE에 '애플 특허침해' 기능 대체

삼성전자가 애플의 특허를 침해한 것으 로 유럽에서 판결이 난 기능을 신제품에서 제외했다.

삼성전자는 지난달 말 출시한 '갤럭시S2 LTE' 제품에서 '포토 플리킹(photo fli cking)' 기술을 빼고 다른 기능으로 대체했다고 12일 밝혔다.

'포토 플리킹'은 스마트폰 화면을 좌우로 쓸어내듯 밀어서 사진 등을 넘기고 마 지막 사진에서는 검은 바탕이 나타나면서 사진이 제자리로 튕기듯 돌아오도록 한 기술로 애플이 특허를 보유하고 있다.

지난 8월 네덜란드 법원은 삼성의 '갤럭시S'와 '갤럭시S2' 등에 적용된 이 기술 이 애플의 특허를 침해했다고 판단해 이들 제품의 자국 내 판매금지를 결정했다.

그러나 '갤럭시S2 LTE'에서는 이 기술이 마지막 사진을 넘기려고 할 때 검은 바 탕이 나타나는 대신 푸른 그림자가 가장자리에 비치는 방식으로 대체됐다.

삼성전자 관계자는 "네덜란드 법원이 문제 삼은 부분을 제외했으므로 현재 네덜 란드 지역에 갤럭시S2 LTE 제품을 수출하는 데 아무런 문제가 없는 상황"이라고  설명했다.