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More typhoons expected here

By 이종민

Published : June 27, 2011 - 18:58

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With typhoon Maeri fizzling out, sparing the Korean Peninsula from predicted damage, two more typhoons may hit here this season, according to the state’s weather agency on Monday.

The Korea Meteorological Administration predicts that 23 typhoons will form this year, following the yearly average of 23.3 typhoons during the season, between June and December.

Of those predicted, one or two typhoons are expected to hit Korea during the summer, according to experts.

“Although it is not easy to predict the number of typhoons that will head in our direction this summer, it is possibly that one or two may make its way over,” said a KMA official.

The prediction is based on a yearly average of two typhoons hitting land on the Korean Peninsula over the last 10 years. One typhoon generally hits Korea during August.

The official said that typhoons are influenced by the expansion and contraction of the North Pacific high-pressure system, and as long as the system maintains its influence, typhoons are likely to hit the peninsula.

Typhoons have a characteristic of heading toward the right of high-pressure systems, making Korea a likely destination when the North Pacific high-pressure system expands to the peninsula during the summer months.

In July, tropical storms usually move from Taiwan’s vicinity, follow north up the Chinese coast and make their way across the West Sea to Korea.

In August, typhoons generally move from eastern China and travel through the Korean Peninsula, especially when pressure systems weaken and expand towards Japan, pulling the storms along with them.

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