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Huawei Cloud Introduces AI-Native GaussDB and Database Pioneer Program to Drive Thailand's Digital Leap


Published : May 14, 2024 - 15:10

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BANGKOK, May 14, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd. today hosted the Huawei Cloud Database Summit Thailand 2024. The theme of the summit was "GaussDB: A Better Way to Database". In collaboration with local customers and partners, Huawei introduced GaussDB solutions to enable various public and private industries in Thailand to access AI-Native Database technologies and accelerate digitalization. Huawei Cloud also launched its GaussDB Pioneer Program in Thailand to promote innovation and application of database technologies in the country.

Huawei Cloud GaussDB, a Better Way to Database with Six Leaps

David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

David Li, CEO of Huawei Technologies (Thailand) Co., Ltd., gave an opening speech at the event. He said: "The wave of digitalization and intelligence has transformed traditional infrastructure. Database is the foundation of this wave. To fully unleash the data value in the era of Big Data and AI, there are four main challenges. First, how to process massive, distributed, and heterogeneous data with databases. Second, how to maintain high performance under high concurrent processing. Third, how to ensure all-round security and address the challenge of data breaches. And fourth, digitalization trend that sweeps all industries demand a rich local ecosystem. We proudly introduce GaussDB, our next-generation distributed database to Thailand, which will offer a powerful solution to unlock the full value of data to give the world a better choice."

GaussDB has been under development for over 20 years, since 2001, and it has been fully validated in practical applications. For example, Huawei's commercial database has been migrated to GaussDB, reducing the time needed to generate annual reports from 30 days to just 10 days. One of China's top banks has used GaussDB to transform legacy databases supporting over 150 business systems.

Bruno Zhang, CTO of Huawei Cloud
Bruno Zhang, CTO of Huawei Cloud

Bruno Zhang, CTO of Huawei Cloud, detailed six major leaps that make GaussDB a better way to future database.

First, there is the architecture. GaussDB adopts the cloud-native architecture, with three resource pools, amazing performance, and fantastic multi-tenancy support, eliminating performance bottlenecks. Second is the models. GaussDB integrates multi-model databases, eliminating data bottlenecks and supporting more new businesses. Third is availability. GaussDB provides hardware-software synergy and dual-cluster strong consistency to eliminate availability bottlenecks. Fourth is intelligence. A large model for databases has been built and interactive O&M are enabled on GaussDB, eliminating experience bottlenecks. Fifth is the security. GaussDB supports E2E security with full encryption and anti-tampering, eliminating security and privacy bottlenecks. Last is the ecosystem capabilities. Third-party databases can be seamlessly migrated using automated tools and through cooperation with partners, eliminating ecosystem bottlenecks.

Huawei Cloud Database: The Bedrock for Data Value Maximization

Feng Ke, Chief Architect of Huawei Cloud GaussDB
Feng Ke, Chief Architect of Huawei Cloud GaussDB

Feng Ke, Chief Architect of Huawei Cloud GaussDB, detailed the pivotal shifts currently reshaping the database landscape. These shifts include a transition from centralized to distributed systems, a move from hardware to software for reliability, a switch from fixed to cloud-based elastic resources, a leap from manual to intelligent maintenance and optimization, and an evolution from single-point to more comprehensive security measures.

To cater to the varied business needs of its customers, Huawei Cloud has introduced an array of database services and tools. At the core of this suite are three enterprise-class databases: GaussDB, GaussDB for MySQL, and GeminiDB—a versatile multi-model NoSQL database.

GaussDB Pioneer Program Launched in Thailand

Celine Cao, CEO of Huawei Cloud Thailand, made a speech "Building a Smart, Digital Future by Taking a Cloud Leap". She shared that Huawei Cloud is now among the top three vendors in Thailand's public cloud market, and ranked No. 1 in the hybrid cloud market. "Now, we are proud to be the preferred cloud provider for customers across various industries in Asia Pacific. More Importantly, our team has been offering robust support and working with partners to build a local ecosystem in Thailand", she said.

Celine Cao, CEO of Huawei Cloud Thailand
Celine Cao, CEO of Huawei Cloud Thailand

During the Summit, Huawei Cloud launched the GaussDB Pioneer Program in Thailand, with three privilege packages tailored to different stakeholders:

  • Customer Pioneers Package: The first 100 customers to sign up will be granted a one-month free trial of GaussDB, complemented by unwavering support from Huawei Cloud during their first month of use.
  • Partner Pioneers Package: The first 100 partners are invited to co-create solutions with Huawei Cloud, sharing in business development opportunities and benefiting from an additional rebate incentive.
  • CNEC Members Package: The first 100 members to join the Huawei Cloud CNEC circle will have an exclusive opportunity to engage in monthly events. These events provide a platform for exchanging insights with global top minds and partaking in specialized training sessions.

Official Launch of Huawei Cloud GaussDB Pioneer Program in Thailand
Official Launch of Huawei Cloud GaussDB Pioneer Program in Thailand

CNEC (Cloud Native Elite Club) and GaussDB (DWS) 3.0 Launched in Thailand

Huawei Cloud convened a CXO roundtable to discuss database challenges, new database features required in the intelligent transformation process with over 50 business and tech leaders in sectors such as finance, telecom and internet from APAC region.

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing, initiated CNEC in Thailand during the roundtable. He stated, "Through CNEC, Huawei Cloud will work with industry organizations, including CNCF and CAICT, to Help local enterprises connect to latest technologies, best practices, and industry trends and achieve digital intelligence."

William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing
William Dong, President of Huawei Cloud Marketing

In today's intelligent era, data is growing exponentially and becoming more diverse, while business operations are increasingly real-time and systematic. These trends present new challenges for data warehouses supporting data analytics, particularly in terms of scalability and performance. To address these challenges, Sang Wei, Vice President, Cloud Service Product Center, Huawei Cloud APAC, released GaussDB (DWS) 3.0, a new-generation high performance cloud-native data warehouse, with innovations spanning from decoupled storage and computing architecture, lakehouse, to on-demand creation of disaster recovery scale.

Hands-on Lab: Real-Time Interaction with GaussDB  

In the Hands-on Lab, more than 30 trainees followed instructors to experience GaussDB's three advanced features, namely one-stop migration, NDPQ (near-data parallel query) and an intelligent assistant. The one-stop migration automation tools UGO and DRS can reduce manual workload by over 90%. The NDPQ function can improve the performance of complex queries by more than 10 times. With the intelligent assistant, users can obtain answers by asking questions.

GaussDB provides a vast range of comprehensive solutions to remain competitive in the age of cloud and AI. These include high availability, mitigating data loss and inconsistencies while providing critical remote data recovery services. Its leading performance and scalability enables it to handle billions of complex queries in seconds. The AI-native GaussDB's end-to-end intelligence guarantees 5 times diagnosis efficiency. GassDB is fully software-encrypted, earning industry's highest security certifications. Most importantly, GaussDB is easy to deploy and migrate to. To date, there are already over 2,500 Huawei Cloud database deployments across sectors including finance, government, traditional business, internet, and manufacturing.

Deeply rooted in Thailand for 25 years, Huawei is strongly committed to Thailand's digital development in line with its commitment of 'Grow in Thailand, Contribute to Thailand'. Dedicated to embracing the upcoming intelligent world with its "All Intelligence" strategy, Huawei will continue to provide cutting-edge solutions, with a focus on cloud and AI technologies, to stimulate growth and efficiency, sharpen competitiveness, enhance local collaborations, and propel Thailand's transformation towards a future Digital Economy Hub of ASEAN.