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SANY Heavy Industry Publishes 2023 Sustainable Development Report


Published : May 14, 2024 - 00:10

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SHANGHAI, May 13, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Leading construction machinery manufacturer SANY Heavy Industry (SANY) has officially published its annual Sustainable Development Report, detailing SANY's initiatives and achievements in advancing full-process decarbonization as the world faces severe climate challenges, promoting diversity-centric green talent development, and strong commitment and investment into social welfare to strengthen shared values.

SANY Heavy Industry's sustainable development footprint
SANY Heavy Industry's sustainable development footprint

"SANY's annual Sustainable Development Report is a showcase of the company's decarbonization progress and achievements and our commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development. SANY is responding to the global climate challenges and to reach the 'Dual-Carbon' goals with concrete actions. We hope to anchor the industry transformation and development and make substantial contributions to greenhouse gas emission reduction and advancing clean energy development," said Xiang Wenbo, chairman of SANY Heavy Industry.

Sustainability: continued investment into renewable energy with strengthened emission management

With vigorous measures to promote photovoltaic and hydrogen production, SANY accelerated its use of clean energy including solar and hydrogen. By the end of 2023, 21 of SANY's subsidiaries had photovoltaic power generation equipment in use, with the total clean energy usage amounting to 44,815.9 kWh, a proportion of 6.55 percent.

In 2023, SANY's VOCs emission concentration was 0.00136 tons per million units, a 23 percent decrease from the base year with the target achieved; the wastewater discharge density at 5.42 tons per million units was a 38 percent decrease from the base year.

Meanwhile, SANY has been carrying out free maintenance to extend the service life of shutdown equipment globally to recycle obsolete equipment, while exploring ways to recycle packaging and upgrade cardboard and wooden boxes. In 2023, it saved 2.2 million yuan (USD 303,820) in packaging materials and significantly reduced solid waste.

Going green: green factories and green supply chain

SANY integrates energy-saving initiatives in all links of production and operations. In 2023, its energy consumption per RMB 10,000 of production value in production areas was 39.53 yuan (USD5.46), a 10.7 percent drop year-on-year, and the energy conservation and consumption reduction programs have saved 11.89 million yuan (USD1.64 million) of energy costs.

In 2023, SANY designed and built its first overseas 'lighthouse factory' in Indonesia, achieving fully networked and unmanned production. SANY now operates 33 lighthouse factories, which have, on average, reduced labor costs by 46.33 percent. As a result of these achievements, SANY has been honored by Forbes China as one of 'China's Top 50 Multinational Companies'. And since 2021, SANY has been actively applying advanced technologies such as industrial internet, robotics, and AI in various production scenarios. In 2023, SANY Automobile was recognized by The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People's Republic of China as a "Green Supply Chain Management Enterprise."

Innovation-driven talent development focusing on sustainability and social welfare

In 2023, SANY conducted 394 training sessions that were attended by 23,993 people - about 93 percent of SANY employees participated in various trainings with an average training time of 121.4 hours. SANY's total training expenditure reached 56 million yuan (USD 7.73 million).

SANY places the safety, health, and wellbeing of its employees a top priority, and has been named "China's Best Employer" for three years in a row. The Hunan SANY Polytechnic College has successfully cultivated 450 technical talents to overseas posts as of December 2023 through the overseas management headquarters orientation course.

SANY has also invested 27.872 million yuan (USD 3.98 million) into various public and social welfare programs. The "SANY Public Welfare" platform now has 17,002 registered volunteers, SANY now has 51 volunteer teams participated by 714 people, with a cumulative volunteer service length of 2,266.2 hours.

SANY continues to strengthen and expand its team by drawing on a wide range of talented individuals from diverse backgrounds. By the end of 2023, the company had 25,930 full-time employees, with a record 10 percent of the executive team being women.