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Huawei Cloud Stack Launches the "Leap2Cloud" Initiative and a New Version to Propel Digital Transformation in Asia Pacific


Published : April 29, 2024 - 20:20

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BANGKOK, April 29, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- At the Huawei Digital and Intelligent APAC Congress 2024, the Huawei Cloud Stack Summit, "Dive into Cloud and Accelerate Intelligent Upgrade", was held. At this summit, Huawei Cloud officially released Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3, the industry's first hybrid cloud for large AI models, and the Visions of Diving into Cloud white paper, empowering customers in Asia Pacific to accelerate data-AI convergence. Customers and partners, such as Office of the National Digital Economy (ONDE) in Thailand, Advanced Info Service (AIS) in Thailand, Bank Neo Commerce (BNC) in Indonesia, and Chinasoft International, delivered keynote speeches, sharing their experience on how to dive into cloud.

Huawei Cloud also launched the "Leap2CLoud" initiative at the summit, aiming to work with government and enterprise customers in Asia Pacific to leap from virtualization to cloud and unlock infinite possibilities of cloud.

Today, the technological and industrial revolution is reshaping the innovation landscape and economic structure in Asia Pacific. Most countries and regions in Asia Pacific have developed strategies to drive digital transformation, accelerate cloud native adoption, expedite the convergence of data and AI, and modernize applications faster. Huawei Cloud Stack provides a dependable hybrid cloud solution that supports on-premises deployments for government and enterprise customers in Asia Pacific.

Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 Is Officially Released in Asia Pacific
Enterprises in Asia Pacific are actively promoting data-AI convergence and the integration of innovative digital technologies into R&D, production, and sales. They are increasingly interested in diving into cloud. In this context, Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, announced the release of Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 in the Asia Pacific market. He said: "Huawei Cloud Stack has been reinforcing cloud services and key features. This brand-new version provides six highlights: a solid cloud foundation and five innovative capabilities covering databases, mainframe modernization, data lakes, large AI models, and industrial Internet."

Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, announcing the release of Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 in Asia Pacific
Hu Yuhai, Vice President of Huawei Hybrid Cloud, announcing the release of Huawei Cloud Stack 8.3 in Asia Pacific

Huawei Cloud Stack provides high availability, robust security, multi-architecture compute, and an open, trusted, more resilient cloud native infrastructure.

Huawei Cloud Stack has been stepping up efforts to boost innovation in the following key areas and making new technologies available on-premises as fast as possible:

  • GaussDB: a distributed database with high performance and reliability
  • Mainframe Modernization: accelerating transformation of core systems
  • Converged data lake: promoting data sharing and circulation
  • Pangu Models: helping enterprises in every industry build custom large AI models in one stop
  • Industrial Internet: integration with AI for new industrialization

Diving into cloud is a long journey. Huawei Cloud Stack is a partner customers can count on when they move to, use, and manage the cloud. They have been streamlining and optimizing product portfolios, professional services, and customer-oriented workflows since 2021, and so far, have launched more than 40 scenario-specific solutions tailored to customer needs. Looking ahead, Huawei Cloud Stack will continue to simplify technologies, develop more easier specific-scenario solutions, and share experience.

A Hybrid Cloud Helps Enterprises in Asia Pacific Build Custom Large AI Models
The past few years have seen exponential growth of computing power, parameters, and data volume as well as a large number of revolutionary products like ChatGPT and SORA. AI is rapidly advancing. Johnny Lyu, CTO of Huawei Hybrid Cloud for International Business, said: "Huawei Cloud is committed to building a cloud foundation for an intelligent world. We created the industry's first hybrid cloud for large AI models by incorporating Pangu models into Huawei Cloud Stack. This solution helps enterprises build their own large AI models. We provide the industry's most comprehensive AI pipeline, including computing platforms, cloud services, development kits, and professional services. It enables numerous models and applications and empowers a myriad of industries."

So far, Huawei Cloud Stack has worked with more than 10 large government and enterprise customers to develop industry models running on the hybrid cloud, consolidating extensive practical experience. Based on Huawei Cloud Stack, Shandong Energy Group deployed the industry's first large AI model for coal mining. This model has been deployed by 26 organizations or units under the Shandong Energy Group, covering more than 40 scenarios in nine professional domains.

Johnny Lyu, CTO of Huawei Hybrid Cloud for International Business, launching the industry's first hybrid cloud for large AI models
Johnny Lyu, CTO of Huawei Hybrid Cloud for International Business, launching the industry's first hybrid cloud for large AI models

Leap to Cloud
With the advent of AI, relying solely on virtualization cannot keep up with business growth. To accelerate digital transformation, it is vital for enterprises to embrace cloud computing and unleash value from cloud. To this end, Huawei Cloud launched the "Leap2Cloud" initiative. This initiative calls for government and enterprise customers and partners in Asia Pacific to seize strategic opportunities to bid farewell to legacy virtualization and embrace cloud native, AI, and big data. Huawei Cloud is determined to fuel business growth with accelerated innovation and unleash more power from the cloud.

Diving into Cloud and Ascending to New Horizons Together with Partners in Asia Pacific
At the summit, Tan Shijie, Vice President of Asia Pacific Cloud Solution Sales, introduced Huawei Cloud Stack's investment and achievements in Asia Pacific in his keynote speech. He said: "Over the past few years, with increasing innovation and excellent on-premises services, Huawei Cloud Stack has become a hybrid cloud leader in the emerging Asia-Pacific region (according to Emerging Asia-Pacific Hybrid Cloud Market Report 2022 released by Frost & Sullivan). Huawei Cloud Stack was positioned ahead of all other providers in terms of market performance, technical innovation, and customer services, and was also ranked No. 1, in terms of market share, in Hong Kong (China), Thailand, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and Maldives." And Mr. Tan, on behalf of Huawei Cloud for the Asia Pacific region, released the Visions of Diving into Cloud white paper. With continuous technological innovation and new technologies, services, and business models, Huawei Cloud looks forward to joining hands with customers and partners in Asia Pacific to dive into cloud and accelerate intelligent transformation of almost every sector.

Tan Shijie, VP, Solution Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC
Tan Shijie, VP, Solution Sales, Huawei Cloud APAC

Thailand's Government Data Centre and Cloud Service (GDCC) used Huawei Cloud Stack to establish a national government cloud. This cloud has supported Thailand's government departments, helping them develop digital services more easily and providing better public service capabilities in the fields such as e-health, public transportation, and customs.

AIS leveraged the hybrid cloud solution from Huawei Cloud Stack to enjoy high stability, reliability, and robust O&M support in on-premises deployments while innovating fast using extensive hybrid cloud services. Huawei Cloud Stack also provides capabilities, such as cross-cloud DR and hierarchical orchestration and deployment, to help AIS deploy an open, secure cloud architecture.

Huawei Cloud Stack helped BNC in Indonesia deploy an on-premises cloud platform. The platform automated deployment and enabled fast rollout of a vast range of services. It also provides efficient centralized maintenance, which lets experts in BNC stay more focused on innovation.

With innovative technologies and numerous industry-specific solutions, Huawei Cloud Stack serves more than 5,500 government and enterprise customers around the world. Moving forward, Huawei Cloud will continue to spur innovation, expand industry expertise, and develop more customer-centric services to help more Asia-Pacific customers move to, use, and manage the cloud better. Huawei Cloud looks forward to joining hands with more Asia-Pacific partners and customers to drive the constant development of digital economy in Asia Pacific.