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Billiard player Cha Yu-ram apologizes for her husband’s ‘inappropriate’ remarks

By Shin Ji-hye

Published : Aug. 26, 2022 - 15:13

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Billiard player Cha Yu-ram and her husband, writer Lee Ji-sung (SNS) Billiard player Cha Yu-ram and her husband, writer Lee Ji-sung (SNS)

Billiard player-turned-politician Cha Yu-ram apologized on behalf of her husband, writer Lee Ji-sung, for making inappropriate remarks at a banquet with lawmakers of the ruling People Power Party.

Cha said on her Facebook page on Thursday, “I apologize for the inappropriate remarks made by my husband, Lee Ji-sung. The remarks were inappropriate, and I couldn‘t agree with them at all.”

Earlier in the day, writer Lee Ji-sung was embroiled in controversy over inappropriate remarks he made while giving a special lecture titled ”How to become a political party that is not replaced by artificial intelligence“ at the party’s banquet.

“The first image that comes to mind when you think of the conservative party in Korea is the image of a grandfather,” Lee said.

He then explained how his wife joined the party.

“The People Power Party requires the image of a young and beautiful woman. (Rep.) Bae Hyun-jin and (Rep.) Na Kyung-won are all beautiful people and women, but somehow they seem to be lacking. Even (first lady) Kim Keon-hee is not enough. I told (my wife) I think it’ll be over if you go in and become a quartet.”

After the banquet, the two lawmakers Bae Hyun-jin and Na Kyung-won, who the author mentioned, expressed their displeasure through their Facebook pages.

“That comment and approach strengthen our party’s image as an old man,” Na said. Bae also said it was an “inappropriate” remark.

Afterward, the writer posted on his Facebook page, “I said it as a joke,” and “Anyway, I will say whatever I want to say.” He then deleted all of them as soon as criticism arose. Later, he apologized for causing controversy. “I will be careful in my remarks from now on.”

Billiards player Cha Yu-ram joined the party in May.