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Tech giants deploy NFT to diversify customer services

By Lee Yoon-Seo

Published : Aug. 8, 2022 - 15:00

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Industry behemoths are utilizing non-fungible tokens not only as a marketing tool but also to provide more diverse services to their customers, according to industry insiders on Monday.

Samsung Electronics has signed a memorandum of understanding with Samsung Digital Plaza, Shilla Duty Free Shop, Show Golf and E Cruise at E Cruise headquarters on Monday, to promote customers’ usage of New Galaxy NFT.

In the MOU, blockchain company Theta Labs participated as an NFT issuing partner, and near field communication payment solution company Allink participated as a partner for NFT authentication.

The New Galaxy NFT, handed out to customers who pre-ordered ‘Galaxy S22’ series and ‘Galaxy Tab S8’, and embodying the design of smartphones and tablets, will now allow customers to get discounts in offline stores of the contracted companies once they show their New Galaxy NFTs in the stores.

“By providing practical services to NFT-holding customers, the customers will be able to gain an in-depth consumer experience of digital assets,” said an official from Samsung Electronics.

In addition to the New Galaxy NFT being used for consumer benefits, Instagram has also announced on Monday that they launched a service for users to post NFT artworks on the social platform.

This new service will first be available for artists and creators to use. The service is then scheduled to be expanded to all users.

In this update, Meta will be integrating Instagram with digital wallets such as Coinbase, Dapper, Rainbow, MetaMask and Trust Wallet, to facilitate the process of posting NFT artworks. The wallets are supported on blockchains such as Ethereum, Polygon and Flow.

“NFT technology enables more creative work activities and reaps economic rewards for creators. Instagram has always tried to support creators‘ free self-expression and generation of revenues. We will continue to figure out ways to support innovative creators,” said an official from Instagram.