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NMIXX enters into unknown world through debut album ‘Ad Mare’

By Park Jun-hee

Published : March 1, 2022 - 17:34

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Rookie girl group NMIXX poses during an online press conference Tuesday. (JYP Entertainment) Rookie girl group NMIXX poses during an online press conference Tuesday. (JYP Entertainment)

With more and more groups splashing onto the music scene here in the fourth generation of K-pop, rookie NMIXX is the latest to throw their hats into the ring.

Produced by K-pop powerhouse JYP Entertainment, which houses globetrotting acts like boy band Stray Kids, the septet entered the K-pop fray last week with an ambition to follow in the footsteps of the likes of Wonder Girls, MissA, Twice and Itzy.

The seven members of the girl group -- Haewon, Sullyoon, Jinni, Bae, Jiwoo and Kyujin, all of whom are Korean, along with the Korean Australian Lily -- boldly marched onto the music scene with the debut single “Ad Mare,” released Feb. 22. Lily competed in the fourth season of TV competition “Kpop Star,” coming in fourth.

All born in the 2000s, NMIXX is JYP Entertainment’s fifth girl band. The band‘s name is a coined term combining “n” and “mix.” The letter “n” stands for now, next, new and the “n” sign in math -- an unknown value. The combined “NMIXX” is meant to convey that the seven bandmates are the faces of a new era and they will show their diverse charms throughout their promotions.

During an online press conference held Tuesday, the rookie group looked back on the route to their debut, saying it was no walk in the park. Lily, in particular, spent more than six years as a trainee at the company. But as they have devoted much time and effort to enhance their singing, vocal and dancing skills, the bandmates are eager to set off on their shared musical journey.

The event was initially set for Feb. 22, but was postponed after some bandmates tested positive for COVID-19 that day.

The band said the title of their debut album translates into “to the sea” in Latin. And in line with the definition, Bae said, “Just like how the album means heading to the sea, a place where we‘ve dreamed of, the seven girls are marching to that place.”
Rookie girl group NMIXX poses during an online press conference Tuesday. (JYP Entertainment) Rookie girl group NMIXX poses during an online press conference Tuesday. (JYP Entertainment)

Leading the two-song package is the poppy “O.O.” NMIXX said the lead track opens with strong trap-based beats and swerves to Brazilian funk and teen pop-rock.

Jiwoo described side track “Tank” as “a song that shows NMIXX’s confidence and how we are ready to go against the world by telling our stories, which is why we likened our energy and confidence to a tank.”

When asked how they felt when they heard the tune for the first time, Kyujin said she had felt as if she was in a completely different world. As the melody and rhythm of the song continuously changes through the music, she thought “O.O” would be the perfect song that could leave a bold mark in people‘s minds.

“It’s a song that shows NMIXX‘s musical identity and that we can have many charms tailored to us,” she added.

Talking about the music video of “O.O,” leader Haewon said the clip shows NMIXX discovering an unknown world, which is a crucial point to keep in mind while watching it.

Although the rookie group faces an uphill battle vying against other artists and bands, Jinni said they are starting with a smaller goal: promoting the group to a wider audience.

“Since it’s just the start for us, we want to make bold marks by showing who we are, and we would be more than happy if music listeners would listen to our song and watch our performance stages,” she said. Jinni also expressed hopes of NMIXX winning new fans through their debut promotions.

Sullyoon meanwhile talked about listeners outside the country during the event to say that she is learning other languages to better communicate with them. She added that she wishes to go abroad and perform for international audiences if the pandemic situation eases.

At the end of the press conference, NMIXX said they want to be a group that triggers people’s curiosity. “I want people to look forward to our performances and, hopefully, people are enjoying ‘O.O’ as well,” Sullyoon said.

The two-song package released at 6 p.m. on Feb. 22.