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Wonpil says ‘Pilmography’ is the filmography of his life

Wonpil of boy band Day6 poses during an online press conference Monday. (JYP Entertainment)
Wonpil of boy band Day6 poses during an online press conference Monday. (JYP Entertainment)

Wonpil of boy band Day6 welcomed the second month of the year by hopping onto the February music chart craze with his first-ever solo album. The singer-turned-soloist’s album, “Pilmography,” which dropped Monday evening, touches on the different colors of music and emotions.

The frosty winter-themed 10-track package aims to “comfort and heal people, especially among times of trouble,” the singer said during an online press conference held Monday.

The versatile singer said he came up with the idea behind his latest release, which is why he has let the moments he has captured in life take center stage. He added that the idea itself is not new, as the songs he made for Day6 stemmed from the same concept.

“The title of my album ‘Pilmography’ is a confined term of my name and the term filmography, and I gave a little tweak by adding the letter ‘P’ from my name, Wonpil,” he said. The musician said he thinks the album will be like the filmography of his life.

Once again, the wunderkind listed himself as a lyricist and composer for his debut solo album. Leading the album is “Goodbye, Farewell,” which is partly self-composed and written by Wonpil alongside bandmate Young K.

The singer described the lead track as a “song that is a mixture of waltz and blues and best fits this weather and ambiance.” The lyrics talk about how one has to bid farewell to his lover to cut off the pain that the person is experiencing, referring to the situation as an “unwanted breakup.”

The musician described “Pilmography” as an album filled with Day6’s musical personality and a pinch of his taste. “There’s not much difference between me as a member of Day6 and as a soloist. But one thing for sure is that I want and wanted to make good music that could comfort people when they are feeling low,” he added.

Wonpil went on to say that the tunes and melodies to the song are crucial, but he finds the words to it as the essential part. “Writing the lyrics of the song is a process of allowing a friend called ‘music’ to express one’s thoughts,” he said. The singer added that he could “mature” as a musician by penning his latest tracks. 

Wonpil of boy band Day6 performs during an online press conference Monday. (JYP Entertainment)
Wonpil of boy band Day6 performs during an online press conference Monday. (JYP Entertainment)

The vocalist also spoke of his bandmates when asked how they helped his solo journey. The singer said being the third Day6 member to debut as a soloist was pushing the envelope for him. But Wonpil showed appreciation toward his bandmates, saying how they encouraged him throughout his en route to solo.

Wonpil got his foot in the door as a member of boy band Day6 in 2015 and has since earned his stripes as a musician, listing himself as both a composer and lyricist. The singer also broadened his horizons by participating as Even of Day, the first subunit of Day6, with Young K and Dowoon. And now he is the third bandmate to debut as a soloist, following Young K’s “Eternal” and Dowoon’s “Out of the Blue,” both released last year.

The artist also talked about how he wants his fans and the public to take in his music. “Our band is unique in the K-pop scene, so I wanted to be acknowledged by our songs, which is why we kept broadening our horizons by trying fresh and new genres,” he said. The musician added that My Days, the band’s official fandom, is the reason and driving force for him to release new songs and that he will continue to do so.

The album could be a present for fans and listeners, but at the same time, it’s also a special treat prepared by Wonpil as he will be the last among Day6 to enlist for his compulsory military service.

Talking about how he wants his album to land with fans, Wonpil said, “Just like how the season changes, I want to greet my fans more happily. Since I expressed what I wanted to say through my album, I hope it will be the same for my fans and be remembered as a precious album.”

At the end of the event, Wonpil said he wants to be remembered by many music lovers as an artist who could cheer people up, and hopes to make music they could enjoy. “This is something that I’ve dreamed of since I was a trainee, and it will remain the same in the future.”

Wonpil’s 10-track package was released at 6 p.m. on Monday. However, promotional activities have been put on hold, as one of the staff members tested positive for COVID-19. The singer himself tested negative through a self-testing kit, but will undergo a PCR test and a one-week quarantine regardless. Further information about the artist’s schedule will be announced later.

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