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Treasure is ready to add value to 2022 with ‘Second Step’

Despite some hiccups, the band is returning on Feb. 15 after a year away from music

Boy band Treasure (YG Entertainment)
Boy band Treasure (YG Entertainment)

After nearly a year away from the music scene, boy band Treasure has found the perfect way to ring in the new year: releasing a new EP.

The K-pop act burst on the scene two years ago, beginning “The First Step” series with “Chapter One.” Since then it has released another single -- “The First Step: Chapter Two” in September 2020 followed by its first album, “The First Step: Treasure Effect,” last January.

Now the boys are ready to embark on a new journey of tunes and melodies with their upcoming single.

The new EP, “The Second Step: Chapter One,” marks the start of a new series.

Not many details about the album have been released yet, but according to YG Entertainment, the K-pop act has melded in their love for Treasure Maker, the band’s official fandom, and how they want to walk the same path with fans. 

A preview clip of boy band Treasure’s upcoming album “The Second Step: Chapter One.” (YG Entertainment)
A preview clip of boy band Treasure’s upcoming album “The Second Step: Chapter One.” (YG Entertainment)

And as the album marks the start of the second stage of Treasure’s musical journey, the band aims to visit and engage more with fans with their music this year.

The main song on the album is “Jikjin.” It’s the group’s most dynamic song so far, and the label promised it would have choreography to match. Also, the hip-hop beat changes according to the band’s movements.

In a lyric poster released last week, the band teased a snippet of the words to the new song that wrote “You’re the one” and “I’m madly in love.” The band also unveiled a 10-second long teaser that hinted at the band’s upcoming titular melody.

Another song from the album, “My Treasure,” is different from what the band has done before. The music bounds along with bright instrumentals in the background, reminiscent of a musical scene filled with youth.

The band’s label is known for its hip-hop-based tracks, but Treasure has gone for a more mainstream sound until now.

The 12-member group’s debut song “Boy” was a mixture of trap-rap instrumental beats and electronic loops with a catchy melody.

The group’s second release after their debut, “I Love You,” was an extension of their debut song. The tune builds up to a rousing chorus and rushes toward a trap-rap structure. “Mmm” was a jarring dance track that delivered explosive energy and stage presence and takes a more hip-hop approach, trading rap and vocals throughout the song.

With a stronger hip-hop sound truer to the label’s “Jikjin” could be what fans longed for.

Treasure also musically took a leap of faith by peppering their album with various genres including ballad, hip-hop, and R&B.

Last Thursday, Treasure surprised fans by dropping a tracklist for their upcoming album. Apart from the band‘s titular “Jikjin,” the six-song package is comprised of “U,” “Darari” and “It’s Okay.” The other two side tracks, “BFF (Best Friend Forever),” the soundtrack for “The Mysterious Class” and “Gonna Be Fine,” will only be available via the band‘s physical album. 

A tracklist poster for Treasure’s upcoming album “The Second Step: Chapter One.” (YG Entertainment)
A tracklist poster for Treasure’s upcoming album “The Second Step: Chapter One.” (YG Entertainment)

As a self-made idol group in the music scene, the rapper line of the band -- Hyunsuk, Yoshi and Haruto -- once again listed themselves as composers and lyricists for their parts. Hyunsuk also wrote the words and tunes for “BFF,” while Yedam made “Darari” and directed the recording of the song.

“The Second Step: Chapter One” comes out on Feb. 15 and has sold over 600,000 copies in preorders in eight days, making the record the first of its kind. The promotion activities have been put on hold for the time being as Yoshi, Hyunsuk, Junkyu and Mashiho have tested positive for COVID-19. On Thursday, YG Entertainment announced that the four bandmates had fully recovered from COVID-19 and would return to their daily activities.

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