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Samsung’s QD-OLED display certified by SGS

A promotional image of Sony's 4K Bravia XR A95K TV (Sony)
A promotional image of Sony's 4K Bravia XR A95K TV (Sony)
Samsung Display, the display panel maker arm of Samsung Electronics, said Monday its latest quantum-dot organic light emitting diode display technology was certified by evaluation services provider SGS.

The QD-OLED, touted as the technology to support next-generation TV picture quality, had received three certifications for True Color Tones, Pure RGB Luminance and Ultrawide Viewing Angle upon performance testing by the Switzerland-based SGS.

Samsung Display said in a statement the certifications support its assertion that the flat screen panel accurately portrays natural color tones with a clear, bright screen at any viewing angle.

This comes a week after Sony announced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2022 that its new 4K-resolution Bravia XR A95K TV for consumers will become the world’s first to use Samsung Display‘s QD-OLED panel technology.

Samsung at CES 2022 also unveiled plans to launch 65- and 55-inch display panels for QD-OLED TVs and 34-inch monitor panels will be released within the next six months.

QD-OLED panels are a groundbreaking display technology that will compete with rival LG, which has honed its OLED display technology for over a decade.

Among Samsung’s range of premium panels -- along with micro LED and Neo QLED -- the QD-OLED aims to use blue light-luminescent panel to create light and quantum dots to convert some of its colors into red and green in order to boost color and brightness compared to LG‘s OLED panels.

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