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In their third year, Enhypen is ready to make 2022 big with repacked album

Repackaged album consists of 11 tracks: eight songs from their first LP and three new songs

Boy Band Enhypen (Belift Lab)
Boy Band Enhypen (Belift Lab)
Earlier last month, rumors floated that boy band Enhypen is putting out a new album in January, only three months after they released their first full-length album, “Dimension: Dilemma,” sending fans abuzz with excitement.

The seven-member band finally responded to the buzz by teasing a snippet of their upcoming album on Dec. 27.

Although not much has been revealed about their upcoming song and album, Enhypen triggered fans’ curiosity by releasing concept pictures and a preview clip of the song.

Enhypen‘s new album “Dimension: Answer” is about the boys questioning who they are and how they are supposed to live after stepping into a new world that connects them to desire. And in that farcical universe, the boys try to search for the right questions and answers after realizing they are in the wrong place.

Leading the album will be the title track “Blessed-Cursed,” a hip-hop track interwoven with 70s-style rock tunes. As a follow-up to their previous work, the titular track is about the boys realizing that the conditions and situations they faced in their world were not blessings but curses. The boys also go on to say that they will not confine themselves to their world, and move on to handle their own lives.

Sidetracks “Polaroid Love,” which was previewed during “2021 Enhypen [En-Connect: Companion],” the seven-piece act’s second fan meeting held in November, and “Outro: Day 2” will make up the 11-track package.

“Dimension: Dilemma,” released in December, was the group’s first LP and marks the start of a new chapter. “Dimension” bid farewell to the band’s previous “Border series,” in which the rookie band crooned their honest emotions about their debut. 

A poster of boy band Enhypen‘s upcoming album “Dimension: Answer.” (Belift Lab)
A poster of boy band Enhypen‘s upcoming album “Dimension: Answer.” (Belift Lab)
Enhypen was created by two of the nation‘s entertainment giants – CJ ENM and what was then called Big Hit Entertainment – with the ambition to find the next generation of K-pop. The band entered the field on Nov. 23, 2020, with their debut album, “Border: Day One,” and has released four albums ever since, including their Japanese print.

Since their debut, the band has gone global with their music by making a splash on the music scene.

Enhypen’s debut album sat at No. 1 and No. 2 respectively on Japanese music track Oricon‘s daily and weekly albums charts. And apart from making an impressive start, the seven-piece also landed well on other charts, getting their album on the top five of the iTunes Top Albums charts in 34 countries. Titular “Given-Taken” made the top five on the iTunes Top Songs charts in 17 countries as well.

Two months after its debut, the group rang in the new year by notching the Rookie of the Year trophies at the Golden Disc Awards, the Gaon Chart Music Awards and the Seoul Music Awards.

But the big-name rookie band strove for more in 2021.

Enhypen made their return ever bigger than before with their second EP “Border: Carnival,” released last April. The bandmates sang about their five-month journey in the music industry after their debut.

Picking up from where their debut mini-album left off, the band’s second EP continued telling their story of emotional ups and downs following their grand debut. In line with the theme of the album, “Drunk-Dazed” is a pop-rock song that expresses the energy and emotional baggage carried by the band by opening the door to a whole new world.

Adding to the excitement, the multinational act forayed into the Japanese music scene in July with their single “Border: Hakanai,” which was peppered with Japanese versions of “Given-Taken,” “Let Me In” and “Forget Me Not.”

Last month, the band achieved another milestone by notching the “Best New Male Artist” for 2021 and “Worldwide Fans‘ Choice Top 10.”

Enhypen’s 11-song package will be released on Monday at 6 p.m.

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